Analysts have named the most drinking countries in the world

Australia is the country with the highest alcohol consumption, according to the results of the Global Study on Drugs and Alcohol (GDR2021).

Australians have drunk an average of 27 times in 2020 & nbsp; year. This is almost twice the world average & mdash; 15 times. Denmark and Finland are also in the top three.

In addition, Australian residents consume alcohol on average twice a week (106 times a year). According to this indicator, France is in the lead & mdash; 132 times a year, in second and third places & mdash; New Zealand and the Netherlands.

The study involved 32 thousand people from 22 countries. Russia was not included in the list.

Earlier it was reported that experts expect an increase in the cost of alcoholic beverages in the Russian Federation and do not exclude a shortage after the New Year.


US Navy destroyer arrives at Romanian port of Constanta on the Black Sea

The American missile destroyer Arleigh Burke has arrived at the Romanian port of Constanta, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the US Navy's Sixth Fleet, the destroyer has been in the Black Sea since November 25. Earlier, the ship also visited the Bulgarian port of Varna.

According to the representatives of the department, the ship conducts operations in the region to “ ensure naval security and regional stability. ''

Earlier it was reported that for the actions of the American destroyer in the region are being monitored by the forces and means of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, in turn, previously called & nbsp; the actions of NATO member states in the Black Sea a 'game with fire' and warned that Russia was ready to fight back.


“The lesson of numbers”. 1 million schoolchildren took part in the Internet project

Plot National projects

The leaders in & nbsp; the number of schoolchildren participating in the & nbsp; project among the regions are now: Belgorod Region, Moscow and & nbsp; Moscow Region, Omsk Region and & nbsp; Samara Region.

After completing a lesson in the & nbsp; project, students from & nbsp; 1st to & nbsp; 11th grade get acquainted with & nbsp; game development and & nbsp; gain knowledge about & nbsp; how games are created, what genres and & nbsp; platforms are, and & nbsp; also what professions exist in & nbsp; ; this area. Take part in & nbsp; & quot; Numbers Lesson & quot; Anyone can use the & nbsp; link: uroktsifry.rf/gamedev.

& laquo; Industry of computer games & nbsp; & mdash; is one of the & nbsp; fastest growing industries in & nbsp; IT, and & nbsp; we & nbsp; see that it finds interest and & nbsp; response from & nbsp; modern teenagers. According to the & nbsp; results of the first week of the campaign, our stage & bdquo; The Number Lesson & ldquo;, in which the guys try themselves in & nbsp; the role of game developers, game designers, game marketers and & nbsp; testers, is gaining momentum. Don't & nbsp; know in & nbsp; school years who you & nbsp; want to become and & nbsp; what profession you choose, & nbsp; & mdash; fine. This question often worries not only schoolchildren, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; adults. We & nbsp; help guys across the country to gain more knowledge about & nbsp; who they can become in the & nbsp; future. We & nbsp; hope that thanks to a series of our educational initiatives, the participants in today's lesson and & nbsp; our other projects on & nbsp; & nbsp; game development in 5-7 years, children will choose the gaming industry for their careers & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; notes Sergey Mardanov, director of & nbsp; relations with & nbsp; VK universities .

According to the & nbsp; plot of this year's simulator, the guys along with the & nbsp; characters of the project get into the & nbsp; game “ Domovyata '', developed by the studio BIT.GAMES. Junior students try themselves in the & nbsp; roles of a programmer, artist and & nbsp; animator. Students in grades 5-8 can transform into & nbsp; game designers, game testers and & nbsp; marketers. And & nbsp; high school students try on the roles of game producers and & nbsp; learn about & nbsp; different genres of game projects, platforms and & nbsp; stages of the life of the game. With the & nbsp; simulators, participants construct characters and & nbsp; create animations, put together game elements, test the game, and & nbsp; much more.

“ The success of the & nbsp; VK project is due to the well-coordinated work of a professional team and & nbsp; the relevance of the chosen topic. After all, games & nbsp; & mdash; it is an integral part of our childhood and & nbsp; our life. Thanks to the & bdquo; Numbers Lesson & ldquo; from & nbsp; VK, schoolchildren from & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; to & nbsp; 11 & nbsp; grade can try themselves in professions from the & nbsp; world of computer games, in & nbsp; depending on & nbsp; age and & nbsp; preferences, expand the scope of existing reality. Simulators & bdquo; Lesson numbers & ldquo; open up new prospects for children to become a developer, designer, game architect or responsible for & nbsp; their & nbsp; visual part. & bdquo; Lesson numbers & ldquo; proved its effectiveness from the & nbsp; point of view of early career guidance, and & nbsp; data on & nbsp; access to & nbsp; project materials for & nbsp; the first week illustrate the success of the multimedia interactive format and & nbsp; relevance of the subject & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; comments on Yulia Goryachkina, Deputy General Director of ANO Digital Economy in the & nbsp; direction “ Human Resources for the Digital Economy '' .

The lesson prepared by & nbsp; VK and & nbsp; will run until & nbsp; 12 & nbsp; December. Project “ Lesson numbers '' implemented in & nbsp; support of the federal project “ Human Resources for the Digital Economy '' national project “ Digital Economy ''. The initiators of the Number Lesson & nbsp; & mdash; Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and & nbsp; Mass Communications & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; ANO Digital Economy. The objectives of the project are to develop digital competencies in schoolchildren and & nbsp; early career guidance: lessons help children navigate the & nbsp; world of professions related to & nbsp; computer technology and & nbsp; programming. The partners of the project in the & nbsp; 2021/22 academic year are Kaspersky Lab, the Sberbank Charitable Foundation Contribution to the & nbsp; Future, 1C, Yandex, VK, Rosatom. Technology partner & nbsp; & mdash; Algorithmics International School of Programming.

For & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; years, children, parents and & nbsp; teachers have turned to & nbsp; lessons available on the & nbsp; project website, more than 40 & nbsp; million times. The project covered all 85 & nbsp; regions of Russia, and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; 2019/2020 academic year expanded its geography & nbsp; & mdash; with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo, students of Russian-language schools from & nbsp; 100+ countries passed simulators from & nbsp; leading Russian companies in the digital economy.

The first region to start the Numbers Lesson from & nbsp; company & nbsp; VK in & nbsp; this academic year, became the Penza region. An open lesson was held in the & nbsp; region with & nbsp; participation of the Governor of the Penza Region, VRiO Chairman of the Government of the Penza Region, experts & nbsp; VK, mobile game development studio BIT.GAMES (part of & nbsp; MY.GAMES) and & nbsp; ANO “ Digital Economy ''. The lesson was held in a & nbsp; hybrid format with & nbsp; using the Spherum platform, the recording of the broadcast is available on VKontakte.

Together with & nbsp; “ Lesson numbers '' about the development of games for schoolchildren, the All-Russian online Olympiad in & nbsp; programming & nbsp; VK and & nbsp; is being held, the main round will last until & nbsp; 13 & nbsp; December. Students of grades 1-9 from all regions of Russia can take part in & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The project “ Lesson in numbers '' & nbsp; is implemented in & nbsp; support of the federal project “ Personnel for the digital economy. '' Classes on the & nbsp; thematic simulators of the project are conducted in the & nbsp; form of exciting online games for three age groups: students of junior, middle and & nbsp; high schools. The teaching materials of the lessons remain available on the & nbsp; project website and & nbsp; cover a wide range of topics: algorithms, coding, team development, Internet security, project management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, personal assistants, networks and & nbsp; cloud technologies, big data , unmanned vehicles, neural networks and & nbsp; communications, privacy in the & nbsp; digital world.


“Dobrokras” in the hospital. Child and infant mortality is decreasing in the Russian Federation

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Thanks to the national project “ Healthcare '' a whole range of measures is being implemented to reduce infant and child mortality, in particular, the renovation and modernization of children's polyclinics and hospitals continues. In addition, during the entire implementation of the national project during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, more than 3.6 million women received medical assistance, including through birth certificates. Also, the qualifications of 26 thousand specialists in the field of perinatology, neonatology and pediatrics were upgraded in simulation centers.

In 10 regions of the Russian Federation (Belgorod Oblast, Altai Krai, Perm Krai, Murmansk Oblast, Omsk Oblast, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Stavropol Krai, Republic of Karelia, Smolensk Oblast) from December 2 to 20, 2021, according to the Healthcare national project; the project “ Dobrokras '' starts & ndash; in the departments of children's hospitals to create a cozy and favorable atmosphere conducive to the speedy recovery of patients, walls will be painted. & nbsp; As part of the campaign, cultural volunteers will hold master classes for little patients and their parents in medical institutions.

A new digital X-ray machine has been installed in the regional children's hospital of the Samara region. For a new X-ray diagnostic complex, a separate & nbsp; premises. For the installation of heavy equipment in the office, all the necessary plastering and painting and finishing works were carried out. The ventilation, lighting and water supply systems have been replaced, the radiation safety system for patients and staff has been strengthened. A ramp is provided for children with disabilities. Previously, all children underwent X-ray examination in the central building in one office. With the new X-ray, it became possible to separate patient flows. For children with signs of ARVI and other infectious diseases, X-rays will be taken in a separate room of the infectious diseases building. This will create more comfortable conditions for patients, significantly reduce the waiting time for an appointment for examination.

The children's polyclinic of the Baevskaya Central Regional Hospital in the Altai Territory has opened after major repairs. The renovated children's clinic has a separate entrance. More precisely, two entrances. The first & ndash; the main one, ensuring the isolation of the flow of children from the adult visitors of the polyclinic of the Central District Hospital. It is equipped with a ramp. In addition, there is a room for children's 'transport' at the entrance. Parents will be able to put strollers and sleds in the covered stroller. The second entrance is provided for receiving patients with temperature. It is marked with the “ Filter box '' sign. This makes it possible to separate the streams of sick and healthy children. & Nbsp; The clinic has spacious waiting areas with comfortable sofas and a children's corner. You can even watch cartoons while waiting for a doctor's appointment. There is a separate feeding room for the baby. The corridors and the hall of the polyclinic are decorated with bright panels depicting fairy-tale characters. In addition to pediatricians' offices, there are ultrasound, ECG, ophthalmologist, and treatment rooms equipped here. The clinic received & nbsp; modern furniture and equipment. An accessible & nbsp; environment for children with disabilities: a button to call the medical staff at the entrance, a ramp for wheelchair access, a toilet for patients with limited mobility.

The consultative polyclinic of the Vologda Regional Children's Hospital No. is now operating in a completely renovated building. Today, the medical facility meets the standards for the provision of primary and inpatient medical care. An entrance group, including one for patients with limited mobility, is equipped with an open reception, a waiting room for an appointment, four doctor's offices, including one with a manipulation room for providing surgical care and receiving ENT. & Nbsp; The streams of healthy and sick patients are separated, the reception will be led by the main freelance specialists of the region.

A large-scale renovation of a children's clinic was carried out in the Sharya district of the Kostroma region. In the premises, the old entrances and overlaps between the offices were dismantled. Window and door blocks, floors, water supply and sewerage pipes were replaced, new ventilation and air conditioning systems were installed. Also, the polyclinic has updated electrical equipment, lighting, fire alarm systems. On the territory of & nbsp; new asphalt pavement was laid. On the walls there are drawings of your favorite cartoon characters, in the corridors and doctors' offices it is light. Thanks to the work carried out, the quality of medical care for more than 3 & nbsp; thousand young residents of Sharya has improved.

Development of children's health care, including the creation of a modern infrastructure for providing medical care to children & ndash; one of the main directions of the national project “ Healthcare ''. It is aimed at improving the preventive direction in pediatrics and obstetrics, introducing modern preventive technologies, improving the material and technical base of children's polyclinics and children's polyclinic departments, obstetric institutions of medical organizations by equipping them with new medical equipment.


“The Merry Queen” Elizabeth. How “Petrov’s daughter” gave Russia greatness

280 years ago, on the night of December 6, 1741, under the arches of the Life Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment the words sounded: “ Guys, you know whose daughter I am. They want to imprison me in a monastery. Follow me! ''

This is how the next palace coup of the 18th century began and very soon ended. The coup was bloodless, which in no small measure contributed to the subsequent softening of morals. The initiator of the coup was given a vow, in case of success, not to execute anyone by death. The word was kept. The personal imperial decree of May 17, 1744 actually abolished the death penalty in Russia.

This decree was signed by Empress Elizabeth . Daughter of the Emperor Peter the Great , which she, in fact, insisted on in her appeal to the Life Guards. She spent twenty years and one month on the Russian throne. It is believed that it was this formulation & mdash; & nbsp; “ held on the throne '' & mdash; & nbsp; describes Elizabeth's reign most correctly.

Many Russian historians flatly deny Peter's daughter any noticeable ability to manage a huge empire. Let's say Nikolay Karamzin in his “ Notes on Ancient and New Russia '' argued: “ The French doctor and several drunken grenadiers elevated daughter Petrova to the throne of the greatest empire in the world with exclamations: 'Death to foreigners! Honor to the Russians! & Rdquo; & nbsp; The first times of this reign were marked by the insolence of the glorious label, the laying of the blue ribbon on the Little Russian singer and the disaster of our state benefactors & mdash; & nbsp; Osterman and Minich , wine which was of the opinion that Elizabeth, idle, voluptuous, could not govern the state well … In general, the reign of Elizabeth was not glorified by any brilliant deeds of the statesman's mind. ''

Representative of the next generation of historians, Vasily Klyuchevsky , to the personality of Elizabeth and to the results of her reign is about the same. Perhaps a little more condescending: “Lazy and capricious, she was frightened by any serious thought, disgusted with any business activity. The map of Europe lay in front of her at her disposal, but she so rarely looked at it that until the end of her life she was confident that it was possible to travel to England by dry road. Elizabeth was an intelligent and kind, but disorderly and wayward Russian lady of the 18th century, who, according to Russian custom, was scolded by many during her lifetime and, according to Russian custom, everyone mourned over her death. Since the reign of Tsarevna Sophia, life has never been so easy in Russia, and no reign has left such a pleasant memory in itself. '' humorous poetic treatise by Alexei Konstantinovich Tolstoy “ The history of the Russian state from Gostomysl to Timashev '':

The Merry Queen
There was Elisabeth:
She sings and has fun,
There is no order.

It's time to summarize. What is not? Order, “ business thoughts '', “ serious studies '', and, most importantly, “ brilliant deeds of the state mind. '' And what is there? A wardrobe of fifteen thousand dresses, a passion for balls and masquerades, long-term hunts and generally all kinds of entertainment. And also the monstrous budget deficit, which, it is believed, was caused by rash spending in the pursuit of luxury and pleasure.

For some mysterious reason, even the most intelligent and discerning people seriously believe that the “ brilliant deeds of the statesman's mind '' must be accompanied by bloodshed. Indeed & mdash; & nbsp; who is a successful sovereign? The one who wages large-scale and, preferably, successful wars, annexes new territories, puts enemies to shame and thereby exalts his Fatherland.

No doubt, all this is necessary. Moreover & mdash; & nbsp; this is really a prerequisite for the exaltation of the Fatherland. Necessary & mdash; Yes. But is it enough?

And here it is already necessary to think carefully. During the time of Elizabeth, Russia entered the conditional club of the Great Powers of Europe. But this greatness was second-rate. Yes, a strong army. Yes, the fleet. Yes, an enviable and reliable trading partner. What else is there in this mysterious northern country? What can Russia boast of? Writers? Musicians? Composers? Scientists? Artists? Playwrights? Philosophers?

The times when our country will surprise and amaze the whole world with the names of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Mendeleev, Levitan, Chekhov and Berdyaev will come. In about a hundred and a half years.

And in the time of Elizabeth, in this regard, Russia was a desert, where there was nothing at all. However, as you know, a long road begins with a small step. It was under Elizabeth, or rather, at her whim, that Russia set foot on this path. What reasons guided the “ merry queen '' is not so important. Even the motivation “ I want it to be no worse than that of people '' is also worthy of attention. Because the steps, if you look at it properly, were not so small.

The University was founded. The Academy of Arts was founded. An architectural school was created, which laid the foundation for architectural education in Russia. The Imperial Theater was established.

All this & mdash; & nbsp; things for growth. They require large investments, make a hole in the budget here and now, and you have to wait for a very, very long time to return. But with the right approach, the result will justify everything, even the most daring expectations.

The foundations of the future cultural greatness of Russia were laid just under Elizabeth. And it's time, finally, to get used to making an amendment in the mind about the “ brilliant deeds of the statesman's mind. '' Because investments in science and culture are no less important than investments in the army and industry.


Turkey assessed the characteristics of its air defense with the phrase “can surpass the S-400”

Ankara began developing its own long-range missile defense system three years ago. The Siper system was successfully tested last month. Turkey believes that it can surpass the Russian S-400

The Siper long-range missile defense system being developed by Turkey can surpass the characteristics of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM). This was stated by the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Department Ismail Demir, Sabah newspaper reports.

“ The development of the Siper air defense system is gradually approaching completion. We believe that it will reach the level of the S-400 air defense system or even surpass it, '' & mdash; he said.

The fact that Turkey has begun to develop its own long-range missile defense system, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in the fall of 2018. Then he said that the first deliveries are planned for the end of 2021, and several companies are participating in the development of the system at once, including the leaders of the Turkish defense industry Aselsan and Roketsan.

This March Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that Turkey was negotiating the joint development and production of military equipment with Pakistan. In particular, they talked about a potential partnership for the assembly of Siper and fifth generation TF-X fighters.

The Siper system was successfully tested by Turkey in November this year. According to Ankara, it will be adopted by the ground forces in 2023.

Russia and Turkey signed a contract for the supply of S-400 in 2017. The first components of anti-aircraft missile systems arrived in the republic in July 2019. In early November of the same year, Russia delivered four S-400 divisions worth $ 2.5 billion to Turkey ahead of schedule. Washington criticized Ankara's decision to buy Russian complexes and excluded Turkey from the F-35 fighter program.

Prior to this, the US authorities have repeatedly stated that the deal between Moscow and Ankara poses a threat to the Pentagon's weapons program regarding the production of the F-35. For a long time, they tried to persuade Turkey to abandon the purchase of the S-400 in favor of the American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, which, according to the United States, would later allow Washington to sell F-35 fighters to Ankara. Turkey has decided not to accept the United States' offer.

Earlier in March last year, Erdogan announced that the S-400s purchased from Russia would enter service in April. Then the Turkish military was trained in the use of the complexes. However, on April 30, Erdogan said that due to the pandemic, the deployment of the S-400 had been temporarily suspended. Turkey tested the S-400 near the city of Sinop in the north of the country in October last year. Two months later, the administration of former US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions against the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate and its head Ismail Demir in connection with the purchase of the S-400 from Russia.

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French presidential candidate announced his desire to withdraw the country from NATO

Eric Zemmour also intends to significantly reduce the flow of refugees to France, including cutting social assistance and canceling the family reunification program

French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour said he intends to withdraw the country from NATO if he becomes head of state, reports LCI.

“I want France to withdraw from NATO's unified military command”, & mdash; said Zemmour, speaking to his supporters in the suburbs of Paris.

Voicing his election program, Zemmour also announced that he intends to raise salaries for employees, change the public procurement system so that more orders go to French companies, and also reduce taxes. In addition, he intends to transform France's migration policy by reducing the number of refugees arriving in the country. In particular, Zemmur plans to abolish the right to family reunification of migrants and reduce social assistance for migrants of non-European origin.

Before the meeting with supporters, Zemmur announced the name of his own movement & mdash; Reconquista. According to LCI, in order to become a member of the movement, it will be necessary to pay a deposit of & euro; 30, which is standard in such cases. For the French in a quandary it will be reduced to & quot; euro; 10.

& quot; Reconquista & quot; is called the process of reconquest of lands by Christians from the Moors on the Iberian Peninsula. Reconquista went from VIII to XV centuries, ended in 1492 with the victory of Christians.

Zemmour announced his official registration as a presidential candidate on November 30. “Now is not the time to reform France; we need to save it. This is why I decided to run for president '', & mdash; he explained in a video message.

Zemmur is 63 years old, he has been a journalist and writer for a long time. He collaborated with Le Figaro as a political columnist and hosted a polemic broadcast on CNews (formerly I-T & eacute; l & eacute;). He gained notoriety for his harsh statements, several lawsuits were filed against him, he was accused of inciting hatred and violence. Adheres to ultra-right views.

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Exercises in case of “Russian aggression” are being held near Kiev

In Ukraine, exercises of territorial defense forces are taking place, and in the Ukrainian capital itself, bomb shelters and dual-use facilities are being massively checked in case of” Russian aggression “.

The maneuvers are being carried out near Kiev.

In recent weeks, the Western press has been actively discussing the issue of allegedly preparing Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, in Kiev, at first, they did not notice the “threat” that comes from the neighbor. And then, under the influence of European politicians, they also started talking about the prospects of an attack.

Moscow denies the accusations. Moreover, Russian diplomats have repeatedly pointed out that rhetoric is being used to pull NATO troops to the Russian borders. Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the country is not obliged to report to other states on the movement of its troops across its territory.

A tense dispute erupted at a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Stockholm. The parties vigorously discussed the events in Kiev seven years ago, as well as the current situation around Ukraine. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing an unnamed eyewitness to the discussion.


Ukrainian military arrived in Germany to participate in Combined Resolve

Ukrainian military arrived in Germany to participate in Combined Resolve maneuvers.

Soldiers of the 92nd OMBR and The MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will “fight” on the American side as part of the BLUFOR battalion. They brought with them the modernized BTR-4E, BREM-4RM and BMM.

Earlier it was reported that exercises of territorial defense forces are taking place near Kiev, and in the Ukrainian capital itself, bomb shelters and dual-use objects are being massively checked in case aggression “.


The USA again postponed the launch of the Atlas V rocket with a military communications satellite

The launch of the Atlas V launch vehicle with the United States Space Force communications satellite has been postponed to December 7, according to the website of the American United Launch Alliance (ULA) consortium.

It is noted that the decision is related to the need for additional checks.

The Atlas V rocket is to launch the military satellite STPSat-6, which is equipped with infrared lasers. & nbsp; The launch was originally scheduled for December 5th. It was later postponed until Monday, December 6th, due to a fuel leak in the ground storage.

ULA explained that the problem has been fixed, but it takes time for specialists to make sure the fuel sample is clean & nbsp; before starting rocket refueling operations.

The launch is now scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th. It is reported that it & nbsp; will be carried out from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida) & nbsp; at 04:04 on the US East Coast (12:04 Moscow time).


Amur tiger attacking dogs caught in Primorye

Experts caught in the north of Primorye & nbsp; a tiger that attacked domestic dogs in the Pozharsky region of the region, TASS reports.

According to representatives of the Amur Tiger Center, for almost two weeks the predator killed seven dogs on the territory of private houses. At the same time, he behaved in an unconventional way, without fear of people, and went out to the village both in the dark and in the daytime.

The animal was caught by a hunting supervision group. The predator turned out to be a healthy male at the age of two to three years.

The tiger was released into the wild in the vicinity of the Call of the Tiger National Park, where he can hunt ungulates. They also put on a collar with a GPS transmitter to monitor its adaptation to a new place and exclude repeated exits to settlements.

To identify the tiger in the future, it was named Gorny.

General Director of the Amur Tiger Center Sergei Aramilev, in turn, noted that this year there are few wild boars in the Amur tiger's habitat, which are the main part of the predator's diet. As a result, the tigers switched to roe deer, which moved closer to people during heavy snowfalls, and the predators followed them.

Recall that earlier in the Primorsky Territory, members of a criminal group were detained, tigers and the sale of their parts abroad.


In Moscow on Monday, up to three degrees of frost is expected

Cloudy weather, snow and ice are predicted in the & nbsp; Russian capital on Monday, December 6, according to the official & nbsp; website of the & nbsp; Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation.

During the day, the air temperature in Moscow will be from minus one up to minus three degrees.

Atmospheric pressure & ndash; & nbsp; 751 millimeters & nbsp; mercury. East wind at a speed of & nbsp; from five to ten meters per second. & Nbsp;

Cloudy, snow and ice are also expected in Moscow on Tuesday night. & Nbsp; The air temperature will be from minus three to minus five degrees.

South-east wind with a speed of & nbsp; from six to 11 meters per second. In places, its gusts can reach 15 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure & ndash; 750 millimeters & nbsp; mercury column.

Previously, the leading employee of the weather center & nbsp; Phobos & nbsp; Yevgeny Tishkovets said that & nbsp; winter weather in the capital & nbsp; will develop according to the scenario & nbsp; & laquo; >


In Russia, the production of equipment for the aerospace industry has been optimized

Scientists of the Samara National Research University named after academician S.P. Korolev (Samara University named after Korolev) for the first time developed a universal model for calculating plate-fin heat exchangers. According to the authors of the model, it will significantly optimize the design and production of heat exchangers in aviation, astronautics, electronics and other industries where cooling and air conditioning systems are used. The research is published in the journal Case Studies in Thermal Engineering.

Heat exchangers are distinguished by a wide variety of external shapes and an even greater geometric variety of internal surfaces that separate the flow of heat transfer fluids. To intensify heat transfer and create compact heat exchangers, ribbed surfaces are widely used.


Growth Points for Schools: How to Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes

In Ugra, on the basis of 13 schools, the Centers for the Education of Digital and Humanities “Point of Growth” have been opened. These are special educational centers that are aimed at improving the educational results of students. For this, extracurricular activities and additional general developmental programs are implemented at the points. Larisa Tsulaya, Head of the General Education Department of the Department of Education and Youth Policy of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, told RIA Novosti how schools are chosen for opening centers, and which areas are already functioning.

– We have opened branches on the basis of rural schools. This is necessary to create equal educational opportunities for children. In addition, the centers operate in institutions with consistently low results from the “500+” project. It seems to us that the schools on this list have low motivation for children and teachers. We tried to breathe new life into them, create a new infrastructural facility for them, which will help them “light up” and show better educational results.

After all, “Growth Points” change the way we look at the study of subject areas. The main function of the centers is a new level of knowledge acquisition, involving children in project activities, teaching functional literacy – that is, applying the knowledge they received at school. To implement this idea, teachers have undergone advanced training, the content of subject areas has already been updated.

– More than 700 teachers have improved their qualifications in our region. The main training took place at the Center for Continuous Professional Excellence. In addition, we regularly invite specialists from universities and colleges in the region to share their experience. Additionally, the curators of our centers improved their qualifications at the academy of the Ministry of Education. From a recent new experience – a three-day forum on the creation and organization of the work of children's quantoriums, which was highly appreciated by our teachers. Also, teachers of all directions in Russia are united by the network community “Shkollegi”, where they discuss successful practices in the implementation of programs.


Freedom Fry – Ego Trip

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I think at this point it goes without saying that Freedom Fry are prolific. It feels like roughly once every month I get a song by them in my inbox. And while they don’t always manage to win me over, it goes without saying that they’re all of top-notch quality.

This one, of course, *did* manage to win me over. “Ego Trip” has hints of psychedelia a la Tame Impala, with just a hint of 60s throwback to it.

The song comes as part of an EP titled Broken Down on Planet 909, which was inspired by the band’s love for David Bowie. I’m not personally too familiar with his work, bu from what little I do know, this seems like a fitting homage.

Hope you enjoy!

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New Zealanders LEISURE have just released their third full-length album, titled Sunsetter.

We’ve already picked up on a few of them, but I figured “Be With You” deserved a bit of attention because it’s 1) groovy; 2) came out the same day the album was released, which means it’s supposed to lure you into listening to the full LP. (I know for me, at least, that’s what happened.)

I’m about halfway through the whole thing, so if you’re keen to join me, follow this link.

Jason Grishkoff

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Apple sues the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia

The American corporation Apple has filed a lawsuit against the FAS, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the file of cases of the Moscow Arbitration Court.

It is specified that the company filed an application for recognition of non-normative legal acts on December 1 invalid, and on Thursday – a petition to attach additional documents to the case.

According to an FAS spokesman, cited by the agency, the American corporation disputes the warning issued at the end of August.

Recall 30 In August, the FAS issued & nbsp; Apple a warning due to abuse of a dominant market position and obliged to eliminate violations. The warning was not followed.

The Russian department opened a case against the & nbsp; corporation due to the prohibition of application developers to inform users of & nbsp; about the possibility of paying for purchases outside the App Store.

In October & nbsp; FAS opened a case on violation of antitrust laws against Apple.


A rocket with the Soyuz spacecraft is being prepared for launch at Baikonur

A Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle was installed on the launch pad of site 31 (Vostok) of the Baikonur cosmodrome. with the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-20, reports TASS.

The launch of the manned spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) with two space tourists is scheduled for December 8, & nbsp; the flight duration will be 12 days. Manage the Soyuz MS-20 there will be Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin.

It is noteworthy that Misurkin will become the first TASS special correspondent in orbit. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his business assistant Yozo Hirano will also go into space.

Meanwhile, it became known about NASA's plans to conclude a contract for three additional deliveries of astronauts to the ISS on SpaceX spaceships.


US postpones launch of Atlas V rocket with military communications satellite

The launch of the Atlas V launch vehicle with the United States Space Force communications satellite has been postponed until December 6, the press service of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) consortium reports.

It is specified that this is due to a fuel leak in the ground storage that was discovered during preparatory activities. Initially, the launch was scheduled for December 5 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, Florida. & Nbsp;

“ The launch is now scheduled for Monday, December 6, at 04:04 US East Coast time (12:04 Moscow time ) & raquo ;, & ndash; follows from the message.

Recall that the Atlas V rocket is to launch the military satellite STPSat-6, on which infrared lasers are installed.

Meanwhile, the Russian Soyuz-ST launch vehicle -B & raquo; with the upper stage 'Fregat' and two Galileo satellites successfully launched from the Kuru cosmodrome. & nbsp;


Soyuz rocket launched Galileo satellites into orbit

Two satellites of the global European navigation system Galileo successfully entered orbit after the launch of the Soyuz-ST-B carrier rocket; from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana. This was announced on Twitter by the head of Arianespace, Stefan Israel.

“Undocking of two Galileo satellites has been confirmed, our passengers have been delivered to their intended orbit”, “ndash;” he wrote.

The launch of the Russian Soyuz-ST-B launch vehicle with the upper stage 'Fregat' and two satellites Galileo took place on December 5 at 03:19 Moscow time. Engines of the upper stage “ Fregat '' were launched approximately 19 minutes after launch. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Galileo FOC spacecraft were manufactured by EADS Astrium for the European Space Agency. So, out of 28 satellites already in orbit, 14 were launched by Soyuz-2 carrier rockets.

As previously reported in Roskosmos, next year four more launches of domestic rockets are planned from the South American cosmodrome.


Bloomberg learned about the dispute between Lavrov and Blinken over Ukraine

Bloomberg: Lavrov and Blinken argued in Stockholm over Ukraine According to the agency, the dispute began during an informal dinner the day before the official meeting of the US Secretary of State and the Russian minister. It concerned the events in Ukraine in 2014

Anthony Blinken and Sergey Lavrov

There was a tense dispute between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Stockholm over the situation in Ukraine, Bloomberg reports, citing sources.

According to the agency, the dispute began on December 1 during an informal dinner. which was attended by members of the OSCE Ministerial Council. In the course of it, Lavrov said that the events in Ukraine in 2014 were a coup d'etat from the point of view of Russia. The minister also accused NATO and the European Union of “ suppressing dissent and threatening Russia, '' sources said.

Blinken responded by stating that “forces loyal to then-President Viktor Yanukovych [led Ukraine from February 2010 to February 2014] fired on peaceful demonstrators in Kiev and killed more than 100 people.” After that, the Secretary of State reminded, Yanukovych fled to Russia. The head of the State Department also called NATO a “ defense alliance. ''

In the fall of 2013, protests began on Independence Square in Kiev, which continued in 2014. The reason was the refusal of the administration of Viktor Yanukovych to sign an association agreement with the EU. Peaceful actions escalated into clashes with security officials, and then led to a change of power. Yanukovych left the country, Ukraine was headed by Petro Poroshenko. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, 115 people died during the clashes on the Maidan from January to March 2014. The Russian authorities interpret the events that led to the change of power in Ukraine as a coup d'état, Kiev calls them a “ revolution of dignity. ''

The Financial Times also reports, citing witnesses to the discussion, that Lavrov and Blinken exchanged 'tense remarks' at dinner. on the situation in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the “ fabulous news '' information, allegedly from Ukrainian sources, that Blinken “ put Lavrov in his place '' at the dinner. “ Complete intellectual dysfunction of Western curators and their Ukrainian protégés, '' & mdash; she wrote on Facebook.

The dispute occurred a day before the official bilateral meeting between Lavrov and Blinken “ in the margin '' ministerial meeting of the OSCE. The diplomats held talks on December 2 in a closed format, they lasted about 40 minutes. After the meeting, Lavrov said that he proposed to Blinken to mutually nullify the existing restrictions on the work of diplomatic missions.

On December 1, after a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Riga, Blinken said that in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine, Washington would use such effective sanctions against Moscow , from the use of which he abstained earlier, and called on the Russian side to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border. Lavrov, in response, promised that Moscow would respond to possible restrictive measures. Sanctions warnings began to sound after media outlets, including Politico, The Washington Post and Bild, wrote that Russia may be planning an attack on Ukraine. Moscow denies this information.

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Ambassador announced Biden’s reluctance to impose sanctions against Russia

The US President does not want to continue the sanctions policy, but Washington's actions will depend on “resolving some issues” that caused the imposition of restrictions, Sullivan said

John Sullivan

US President Joe Biden's administration does not want to impose sanctions on Russia , but Washington's decisions will depend on Moscow's actions, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said in an interview with RBC.

According to the diplomat, in April of this year, when the United States extended sanctions against Russia and took measures prohibiting banks and other financial institutions of the country from purchasing Russian ruble federal loan bonds (OFZ) on the primary market after June 14, according to Biden, “ remained open questions. '' We are talking about accusations of Russia of involvement in cyberattacks on SolarWinds, which affected hundreds of organizations, and interference in the US 2020 elections, Sullivan explained. Moscow has repeatedly denied these accusations.

Over the course of time, significant sanctions have been imposed on Russia in areas where we have fundamental disagreements and concerns about Russian actions, which we considered incompatible with US interests, values, with the interests of our partners. And these are the tools that the US has & raquo;, & mdash; Sullivan stated.

The previous US administration, in which Sullivan was undersecretary of state, “ took significant steps to counter actions with which we deeply disagreed, '' the ambassador said, adding that the Biden administration continued on that path. “I know from his conversations with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin in June & mdash; it is definitely not President Biden's desire to continue to impose sanctions on Russia, but it depends on Russia, the United States and its allies, on the resolution of some of the issues that led to the imposition of the sanctions, '' & mdash; he emphasized.


Sullivan recalled the promise of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to impose such effective sanctions against Moscow in the event of aggression in Ukraine, which Washington had previously refrained from using. According to the ambassador, if there is a military invasion of Ukraine, it will provide an opportunity for more serious American sanctions, “ sanctions of a different degree of strength. '' “ So I hope this is not needed and we can diplomatically resolve the differences, and if not, then the Secretary of State made it very clear, '' & mdash; concluded the diplomat.

Blinken's deputy Victoria Nuland also called for measures against the Russian side in the event of an escalation in Ukraine. Biden, for his part, said the US is working with its European allies on a “ comprehensive '' a package of measures that should prevent Russia from invading Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promised that Moscow will respond to possible sanctions.

The introduction of sanctions against Russia was also allowed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He said that the foreign ministers of the countries & mdash; members of the alliance discussed possible economic and political measures against Moscow in the event of an “ aggression in Ukraine. ''

Washington began to warn Moscow about sanctions after media reports began to appear that Russia was building up military forces on the border with Ukraine, in particular, The Washington Post and Politico wrote about this.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied preparations for any aggressive actions against Ukraine. The Kremlin said that the movement of Russian military equipment and army units across the country & mdash; this is exclusively a matter of Moscow.

Intrusion theme Russian troops were raised in Ukraine at the beginning of the year, when Russia was conducting the West-21 exercises, but the invasion itself has not happened yet, Vladimir Putin said at the Russia Calling forum, answering the question of whether investors are afraid of the possible entry of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine.

“ The point is not to send troops or not, to fight or not to fight, but to improve relations to create a more equitable, sustainable development and take into account the security interests of all participants in international activities '', & mdash; said Putin. “ If we sincerely strive for this, no one will experience any threats, '' & mdash; added the president.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said that the media should be concerned about aggression from the United States, not Russia, based on NATO's actions in the region. According to Zakharova, the United States is conducting a special operation to aggravate the situation around Ukraine, shifting responsibility to Russia. The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that at the heart of this operation – & mdash; provocative actions in the area of ​​the Russian borders, which are accompanied by “ accusatory rhetoric against Moscow. ''

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US Ambassador calls the waiver of the Spaso House lease a last resort

Due to a lack of staff, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan did not consider the possibility of abandoning the lease of the residence, the famous Spaso House. Refusing to rent is absolutely an extreme measure, he said

Residence of the US Ambassador Spaso House (Vtorov's mansion in Spasopeskovsky Pereulok)

Due to mutual reductions, about 120-130 are currently working at the US Embassy in Russia diplomats, US Ambassador John Sullivan said in an interview with RBC. Due to a lack of personnel, the embassy stopped providing visa services to Russians, and the number of events was reduced. However, the possibility of canceling the lease of the ambassador's residence, which requires care, is not being considered, the ambassador assured.

“ It was only as an absolute last resort that I had agreed to consider abandoning the lease on this building, which has such a history, '' & mdash; said Ambassador Sullivan. According to him, the mansion located in the Old Arbat area & mdash; it is a historical place for both Russians and Americans. “ We rented it in 1933, our first ambassador, Ambassador Bullitt, moved here in early 1934, 88 years ago, '' & mdash; recalled the ambassador. The mansion has witnessed the development of the history of Russian-American, Soviet-American relations: Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, Presidents George W. Bush and George W. Bush, Bill Clinton & mdash; they all visited the residence during their visits.

The Kommersant newspaper reported that the diplomatic mission was considering the option of refusing to lease the mansion. The Washington Post reported on December 3 that the embassy was so understaffed that many staff were forced to take on additional work.

The US Embassy, ​​however, intends to restore the number of its employees, which is now significantly inferior to the Russian presence in the United States. In early November, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called on the United States to send additional diplomats to Moscow. However, Ambassador Sullivan told RBC that so far this call has not been implemented, since candidates for work in Russia are not given Russian visas.

“ The problem is that we cannot obtain visas for American diplomats so that they came to Russia. And it was described as a visa impasse. This is unfortunate, it is not a way to build productive diplomatic relations, and it is not as easy as saying send more diplomats & mdash; said Sullivan. According to him, a meeting was recently held between Russian and American representatives on this issue, and another one is to be held in the near future, at which this issue will also be discussed.

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Experts assessed the risk of an armed conflict in Ukraine

Experts interviewed by RBC assessed the possibility of military escalation due to the situation around Ukraine, noting the high risk of unforeseen incidents. In their opinion, the West is not ready to provide Russia with the security guarantees required by Putin

What they say in Moscow, Washington and Brussels

Over the past month, the United States has repeatedly spoken about Russia's pulling up troops to the border with Ukraine, while Moscow has rejected these statements. Following the meeting of NATO foreign ministers on December 2, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine. Also, according to him, in the event of Russian aggression, Washington will impose such sanctions against Moscow, which it has not yet applied before. “ We don't know if President Putin made the decision to invade. We know that he creates the potential to do so in a short time if he decides to, & raquo ;, & mdash; added the secretary of state. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia would give an answer if new “ hellish '' attacks were introduced against it. economic sanctions. “ This is a dead-end road, and ultimately it will turn against the very initiators of these illegitimate unilateral measures, '' & mdash; warned the minister.

Against the background of the aggravation, President Vladimir Putin announced that in negotiations with the United States and its allies, Russia would insist on “ working out specific agreements that would exclude any further NATO moves to the east and the deployment of weapons systems that threaten us in close proximity to Russian territory. '' His idea was developed by Lavrov during the press conference “ in the margins '' OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Stockholm: “ We want the agreements that the President mentioned, and which we will seek, must have a legal, legally binding character. '' According to him, they will be formulated in the near future. “ If NATO continues to withdraw from the conversation on this topic or on the topic of agreements, ideas put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course, we will take measures so that our security, our sovereignty and territorial integrity do not depend on anyone. '' , & mdash; he stated. Although NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has already said that the decision on Ukraine's entry into the alliance will be made by its 30 member countries, and Russia's opinion on this issue will not be taken into account. “ Russia has no veto right, its opinion is not taken into account. It has no right to restore the principle of spheres of influence and through this influence neighboring countries, '', & mdash; Stoltenberg said.

Internal and external reasons for the escalation of the situation

The rise in tensions between the US and Russia over the past few months largely reflects the internal US reaction to the June Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, said Alan Kafruni, professor of international relations at Hamilton College. According to him, then Biden clearly outlined the desire for stability and predictability, since he gives priority to the rivalry between the United States and China. As a result, it provoked a serious internal struggle in the US foreign policy establishment. “The most aggressive elements are exerting tremendous pressure on the Biden administration to prevent any significant convergence, in fact repeating in some respects the experience of Donald Trump, who sought to reduce tensions with Russia,” “mdash. the expert explained in a conversation with RBC. According to him, an increase in the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, naval maneuvers in the Black Sea and an increase in flights closer to the border with Russia are the result of such pressure. “ Last month, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin offered the United States to approve Ukraine's NATO membership. Ukraine's membership in NATO & mdash; de jure or de facto & mdash; this is, of course, the 'red line' For Russia. Washington's increasingly tough line and Ukraine's own military maneuvers and rhetoric have provoked a new round of Russian military mobilization along the Ukrainian border, along with increasingly decisive statements from Vladimir Putin. Of course, all of this further inspired Biden's belligerent critics at home, '', & mdash; Kafruni emphasized.

According to Dmitry Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, Moscow is moving from exhortations to concrete warnings. According to him, starting in the spring of 2021, Russia has resorted to military demonstrations in order to contain the Ukrainians and their Western allies. These demonstrations are considered by the objects of these signals to be valid (“ preparation for the invasion ''). “ These actions are being carried out right now, because the dynamics in and around Ukraine, as well as the real blocking of the Minsk agreements and the emasculation of the Normandy format, present the Russian leadership with a choice. Either passively observe the constantly deteriorating strategic situation in a very important area, or stop these processes with tough retaliatory steps, not excluding military measures. If a collision is inevitable, then it is better to meet the enemy in the early approaches, seizing the initiative and using the enemy's vulnerabilities '', & mdash; Trenin noted in a conversation with RBC. Kennan Institute expert Igor Zevelev believes that the Kremlin has realized the impossibility of further maintaining the status quo in Ukraine. “ Not a single issue related to the conflict in eastern Ukraine has been resolved and there is no progress. It is quite obvious that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the people around him do not seek to resolve the issue on the basis of the Minsk agreements, and Russia does not currently see any other alternative, '' & mdash; he told RBC. Zevelev added that the Ukrainian problem in itself would have been insignificant if it had not been included in the system of relations between Russia and the Western countries.

There would be an armed conflict

The risk of military escalation is now “ very significant '', says Alexei Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security of the IMEMO RAN, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main reason for the current exacerbation of & mdash; the fact that “ in Moscow, apparently, they came to the conclusion that it is impossible to keep Ukraine through the Crimea and Donbass, '' the expert says. Russia has long been talking about the unacceptability of Ukraine's entry into NATO. “ Kiev is receiving more and more military and financial assistance, and now the number [of claims against Kiev and its allies] has turned into quality, '' & mdash; the expert noted in a conversation with RBC.

Zevelev described the current situation as “ quite acute. '' “ I do not think that Russia has plans to invade Ukraine, or that the Ukrainian government will take any drastic steps, but the possibility of incidents, especially in the Black Sea region, is extremely dangerous given the concentration of military power on all sides, the lack of adequate communication lines , trust in each other and understanding not only potential, but also mutual intentions '', & mdash; explained Zevelev.

Neither Russia nor the United States wants a military conflict, Kafruni agrees with him. “ Despite widespread predictions of a Russian invasion in the US media, Russia definitely does not want all the attendant problems this could entail. However, in the context of growing provocations and rhetorical escalation, there is a possibility of misperception and mistakes. This is especially true in the context of instability in Kiev & raquo;, & mdash; he explained. Thus, the situation is very similar to the situation in Georgia in 2008, when then-President Mikheil Saakashvili mistakenly believed that he could count on US military support, the expert summed up.

Director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute, an expert at the Valdai Club Nor does Richard Weitz think that the current tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine could lead to war. Rather, it is & mdash; a repetition of Moscow's strategy to periodically increase and decrease tensions around Ukraine, the expert explained. This strategy has several goals, including forcing Kiev to make concessions to Russia, encouraging differences within Ukrainians over the Russian issue, exploiting any differences between Ukraine and its Western partners, and getting concessions from Washington, such as the summit between Presidents Biden and Putin.

“ The main character of the Play by Eugene Schwartz 'Dragon' said that “ the war begins suddenly. '' Since they have been talking about war, without ceasing, for a month and a half, at all levels, purely in an applied sense, this is not the case, '', & mdash; noted the editor-in-chief of the magazine “ Russia in Global Affairs '' Fedor Lukyanov. In his opinion, although the risk of military clashes is increased, so far what is happening can be described as “ rhetorical artillery preparation and a demonstration of confidence '' in order to move opponents to some kind of agreement, Lukyanov says. What Moscow wants to get has already been said by both Putin and Lavrov. “ That we will seek new security guarantees. That it is necessary to revise the entire system of relations in the field of European security that emerged after the Cold War, that NATO should not expand indefinitely, '' & mdash; added the expert. According to him, it is this topic that will be devoted to the upcoming online summit of Putin and Biden. “ At the last meeting between Lavrov and Blinken, the American side has already made an interesting statement. Yes, the rhetoric was harsh, threats of sanctions, but we heard for the first time that the Minsk agreements must be fulfilled, '' & mdash; he said.

Will Putin receive guarantees that NATO will not expand eastward

The US and NATO cannot guarantee Russia will not expand the military alliance to the east, Arbatov said. It is even difficult to imagine how this can be legally formalized, given how the bloc is structured and that there are 30 states in it, including the Baltic states and Poland, he adds. However, the expert continues, one can imagine less formal agreements. “ That the parties will not exacerbate tensions, that military assistance will be limited, the exercises will be limited both from the Russian side and from the other side, '' & mdash; he gives an example.

In the long term, Arbatov believes, the conflict could be resolved peacefully on the basis of the Minsk agreements. Donbass is returning as part of Ukraine. Ukraine retains its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and Russia and NATO become its guarantors. Ukraine also maintains a neutral status & raquo;, & mdash; he describes a possible scenario.

Zevelev recalled that the Ukrainian conflict & mdash; it is an integral part of relations between Russia and the United States, NATO, and European countries. “ Without Russia's finding a worthy place in the European security system, the Ukrainian conflict essentially cannot be resolved. This is not a Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it is much broader, and, not seeing the prospects for its solution, the fundamental question of guarantees has been raised right now, although their implementation in their current form seems unrealistic to me, because I do not see the intention of Western countries to meet Russia halfway and respond to her proposal without losing face '', & mdash; he said. For his part, Weitz added that the crisis is unlikely to be resolved through guarantees from the West, since Western leaders will not give them.

“ Putin's proposal for NATO to provide legal guarantees against Ukraine's accession would be unacceptable for NATO and Putin certainly understands this. At the same time, his demand can become a starting point for negotiations. After all, as in the case of Georgia in 2008, the United States will not resort to military intervention on the side of Ukraine. I hope the Ukrainian government and the armed forces understand this; '', & mdash; concluded by Kafruni.

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Naftogaz reacted to Germany’s decision on Nord Stream 2

Photo: Still from video

Euractiv reports that the head of the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, described the decision of Germany as a” mockery ” allow the operator Nord Stream 2 to form a subsidiary.

Vitrenko believes that Nord Stream 2 does not comply with EU rules, and therefore cannot be certified. He also condemned the idea of ​​licensing only part of the gas pipeline.

The head of Naftogaz added that Nord Stream 2 should be filled with alternative gas suppliers throughout.


Volodin asked Russians to name who destroyed the USSR


State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in his telegram channel launched a poll on the reasons for the collapse of the USSR. He invited the channel subscribers and other interested users of the messenger to choose one of the proposed answer options. At the same time, the proposed answers & ndash; from different categories and are not mutually exclusive.

According to Volodin, the reasons for the destruction of the Union could be: “weak leadership”, “betrayal of the party elites”, “empty shelves in stores”, “lack of competition in politics” monopoly on power of one party, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union “,” foreign intervention. “

” The USSR collapsed 30 years ago, ” Volodin writes. & ndash; This is a tragedy for all of us: everything that was defended, built and created during the previous time, collapsed … ''

As follows from the first results of the vote, Volodin's subscribers are inclined to blame the renegades for the collapse of the country, but by no means the actions of the authorities. For example, an hour after the poll was launched, the most popular answer (54%) was “betrayal of the elites.” The second most popular (23%) & ndash; & quot; foreign interference. & quot; The readers of Volodin's channel did not notice the economic reasons in the events of 30 years ago, only 2% of the survey participants considered “ empty shelves '' a sufficient argument for the people's desire for change.

Comments under the post are multiplying, opinions differ greatly. At the same time, many commentators write that they consider all of the above factors acting simultaneously to be the cause of the country's collapse. Some are of the opinion that modern Russia faces the same scenario due to the introduction of QR codes: supporters of this version call this pandemic measure “ segregation. '' about the upcoming system of QR codes. He promised that all opinions will be examined and decisions will be made in accordance with them. In those comments, the vast majority of entries were from opponents of the introduction of QR codes.


Medvedev is re-elected chairman of United Russia

Photo: Still from video

Congress of United Russia elected Medvedev to the post of party chairman, follows from the broadcast of the event. Boris Gryzlov was re-elected chairman of the party's supreme council.

Medvedev was unanimously supported. Abstaining and voting against did not reveal. & nbsp; “Thank you very much, dear friends, thank you for your trust,” the politician thanked.

Medvedev also said that the Supreme Council of the party will consist of 100 people. There will also be an opportunity for additional election for those who show the best results in party work.

Recall that Medvedev was elected chairman of the United Russia party. May 26, 2012 at the XIII Party Congress.


Bloomberg: Lavrov and Blinken argued over Ukraine

Diplomats disagreed on the events of 2014

A tense dispute erupted at a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Stockholm. The parties vigorously discussed the events in Kiev seven years ago, as well as the current situation around Ukraine. Bloomberg reports this with reference to an unnamed eyewitness to the discussion.

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The United States and its allies in During the negotiations, they began to “look for ways” to respond to the hypothetical invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. They also talked about possible new sanctions. After that, the exchange of views became more acute. Lavrov reminded Blinken that a coup d'etat took place in Kiev in 2014. The American diplomat objected to his colleague and said that some forces allegedly loyal to Viktor Yanukovych opened fire on peaceful protesters and killed more than a hundred people.

Lavrov disagreed and accused NATO and the European Union of suppressing dissent. In addition, he expressed dissatisfaction with the Alliance threatening Russia. The parties did not agree.

In recent weeks, the Western press has been actively discussing the issue of allegedly preparing Russia for an invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, in Kiev, at first, they did not notice the “threat” that comes from the neighbor. And then, under the influence of European politicians, they also started talking about the prospects of an attack.

Moscow denies the accusations. Moreover, Russian diplomats have repeatedly pointed out that rhetoric is being used to pull NATO troops to the Russian borders. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, said that the country is not obliged to report to other states on the movement of its troops across its territory.


Possible US “nuclear” sanctions against Russia over Ukraine named

Cutting off the Russian economy from SWIFT will hit Western countries as well

In the coming days, negotiations are scheduled between the leaders of Russia and the United States. A telephone conversation is expected on Tuesday between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden against the backdrop of renewed tensions between the United States and Russia over the events around Ukraine. Meanwhile, American politicians are talking about new “nuclear sanctions” against Moscow.


White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said a number of issues will be discussed during the telephone talks between the heads of the two powers, and “President Biden will highlight US concerns about Russian military activities on the border with Ukraine and reaffirm US support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Earlier, Biden made a number of harsh statements, saying, in particular, that he did not accept “no one's red lines” and that he was preparing some comprehensive initiatives that would make it difficult for Russia to “invade” Ukraine. According to media reports, in this way the head of the White House commented on the statements made at the Russia Calling forum by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who considers the “red lines” for Moscow not only to bring NATO infrastructure closer to Russia's borders, but also to deploy strike complexes on Ukrainian territory. p>

Exactly what measures the US president had in mind when he said that he was preparing “the most ambitious and significant set of initiatives that will make it very difficult for Putin to do what people fear he is going to do,” Biden did not elaborate. …

The Associated Press, meanwhile, says the Joe Biden administration has “many options” to deliver on its promise of a financial blow to Russia in the event of an “invasion” of Ukraine, from sanctions against the Russian president's associates to disconnecting Russia from the financial system, which sends money worldwide.

As noted by AP, the United States and its European allies have not made any public mention of any plans to retaliate in the event of an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken this week promised Moscow financial problems – “economic measures that we have refrained from in the past.”

Over the past decade, the United States has already imposed a number of sanctions against Russian legal entities and individuals, many of which are related to the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014 and the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. The American sanctions, reminds the Associated Press, were also associated with accusations of Russia of “interference” in the US elections, “malicious cyber activity and human rights violations.”

The sanctions imposed on Russians include an asset freeze, bans on doing business with American companies, and a denial of entry into the United States. But in an effort to punish Russia, the West has over the years considered the possibility of even more serious financial sanctions, emphasizes AP. This includes the so-called “nuclear option”: blocking Russia from the Belgium-based SWIFT financial payment system, which moves money between thousands of banks around the world.

When the US successfully pressured SWIFT to shut off Iranian banks over Tehran's nuclear program, Iran lost nearly half of its oil export revenues and a third of its foreign trade, experts say, arguing that Russia's impact on the Russian economy would be “just as devastating “, Since the Russian Federation depends on SWIFT to ensure the flow of petrodollars.

However, as the Associated Press admits, since 2014 Russia has been working to protect its domestic financial systems from such a shutdown, and shutting down SWIFT will cause indirect damage to Western economies .

Former US ambassador to Ukraine and career diplomat John Herbst said on Friday that, in his opinion, “although we shouldn't forget about SWIFT, it will be a last resort.”

Earlier this year, the Biden administration further limited Russia's ability to borrow money by barring US financial institutions from buying Russian government bonds directly from government agencies. But the sanctions are not aimed at the secondary market, and this remains a possible next step, the Associated Press points out.

Other possible instruments of restrictive measures, as John Herbst noted, could be financial sanctions against people close to the President of the Russian Federation, and their families, and new restrictions against Russian banks and Russia's vital energy sector.