A house manager is a friend of man. What Mikhail Shvyganov made of a ten-story building

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Looking at Mikhail Shvyganov from & nbsp; Nizhny Novgorod, you understand: for a & nbsp; successful career as a house manager you need to have superhero abilities.

Judge for yourself: Mikhail served in the & nbsp; army, graduated from the Polytechnic Institute with a red diploma, and received the second higher legal. He knows how to lay tiles, he changes taps and & nbsp; pipes, professionally understands & nbsp; electrical & shy; rick. And & nbsp; he is also the head of the family and & nbsp; father of three sons. The port & shy; ret is complemented by nerves of steel (to win lawsuits from & nbsp; service providers who are trying to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of residents) and & nbsp; a developed sense of beauty (evidence of this & nbsp; & ndash; light and music fountain, flower beds and & nbsp; English lawn with & nbsp.

The house, which Mikhail manages, has the best playground in & nbsp; Nizhny Novgorod, on the equipment of which the residents spent 3.5 & nbsp; million rubles. The walls and & nbsp; floor in all four entrances from & nbsp; first to & nbsp; tenth floor are lined with Italian tiles, railings & nbsp; & ndash; made of & nbsp; stainless steel, cameras everywhere, smart light and & nbsp; so on. The money for & nbsp; all these benefits of civilization appeared thanks to the economical spending of funds, because the residents pay at the & nbsp; municipal tariff. That is, in the & nbsp; column “ living quarters '' & nbsp; have the same number as & nbsp; and & nbsp; residents of & shy; neighboring houses. & nbsp;

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When the roof leaked

In fact, Mikhail did not plan to become the manager of the house. A quarter of a century ago, he just bought an apartment in his native Nizhny Novgorod. The house is new, leased “ under the & nbsp; key '' in & nbsp; 1997 & nbsp; g. Nevertheless, the roof immediately began to leak, the rusty (panel seams) also leaked, the walls froze through, the basement was regularly flooded. The emergency brigade was in no hurry for & nbsp; help, and & nbsp; the woman who at & nbsp; that moment acted as the manager of the house, in the middle of the night called Mikhail. Shvyganov took his tool and & nbsp; went to fix the next problem. He learned to handle plumbing in & nbsp; high school, and & nbsp; also & nbsp; & ndash; lay tiles, whitewash ceilings, plaster work. The wallpaper was pasted on my own for the first time in & nbsp; 12 & nbsp; years, when I was doing repairs with & nbsp; parents.

“ The woman manager in & nbsp; finally could not stand it, and & nbsp; I understand her, & nbsp; & ndash; recalls Mikhail Ivanovich. & nbsp; & ndash; The tenants offered me this position. '' He regarded the proposal as a kind of challenge & nbsp; & ndash; turn a shabby, albeit & nbsp; new high-rise building into a & nbsp; exemplary house. And & nbsp; set the bar high right away, because otherwise the holder of the red diploma of the Polytechnic University could not work. At the same time, their house, according to the & nbsp; form of management, became the HOA (homeowners' association). And & nbsp; work began to boil. The main lesson that Mikhail learned then was & nbsp; & ndash; repairs must be done thoroughly using the best materials. By the & nbsp; word, he chooses materials and & nbsp; buys himself, managing to agree on a & nbsp; favorable price. Before inviting the tilers, I made inquiries, looked at their previous work, and & nbsp; then controlled everything myself and & nbsp; even taught some professional tricks. From the & nbsp; outer side of the “ socket '' insulated from & nbsp; ends, then finished them with especially durable decorative plaster of three colors.

& ndash; I & nbsp; try to follow the emergence of new materials and & nbsp; technologies. You can't scratch the plaster that we used to decorate the house with a nail, it doesn't burst, it doesn't fade in the & nbsp; sun. Neighboring houses are plastered in the old-fashioned way in the usual way, and a year later the house is stained. And & nbsp; our 10 & nbsp; years keeps & nbsp; & ndash; and & nbsp; everything is & nbsp; in order & raquo;. & nbsp;

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How to save on & nbsp; garbage

Debugging internal communications & nbsp; & ndash; a separate song. Mikhail not only changed the pipes in the & nbsp; entrance and & nbsp; apartments, but also & nbsp; changed the system of their laying: “ Polypropylene hot water supply pipes were hung from the & nbsp; ceiling. We made good slopes, and & nbsp; at the plates on & nbsp; risers increased the diameter: instead of 50 & nbsp; mm we made a hundred. All this ensures good circulation of hot water. And & nbsp; pipe insulation helps to save on & nbsp; giga & shy; calories. Then there was a change of windows in the & nbsp; porches and & nbsp; further down the & nbsp; list. When he first took up the & nbsp; position of the house manager, & nbsp; many & shy; floors were rent arrears, but over time, with the same rent, tenants began to save. Shvyganov studied all contracts with & nbsp; contractors and & nbsp; found that often tenants overpay up to & nbsp; 25%, and & nbsp; even & nbsp; 50%. The house won all the courts with & nbsp; contractors.

He intends to save and & nbsp; on waste. Installed the only “ smart '' country in the & nbsp; country a container site for & nbsp; separate waste collection, where its quantity is recorded. Each resident has his own magnetic key from the & nbsp; loading window, & nbsp; the container is on the scales, and the computer counts how much garbage was thrown away, when and in what volume the regional operator took it out. & shy; The manager of the house seeks that from & nbsp; his house was taken according to & nbsp; the actual amount of garbage taken out, and & nbsp; not according to & nbsp; a fictitious standard. Outraged: “ The standard is set at & nbsp; 2 & nbsp; (!) Times higher than the residents of the house actually throw out. It turns out that there is a double overpayment for garbage. ''

It is impossible to amicably agree with the & nbsp; regional operator. And & nbsp; court again. The tenants of the chairman of their HOA fully support & shy; live. If not for his professional acumen, he would not have received their house in & nbsp; 2016 & nbsp; g. 'quality mark of housing and communal services' and & nbsp; sign 'House of exemplary content'. & nbsp;

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Whose salary is more & ndash; cleaning lady or house manager?

After some time, the neighbors began to ask Shvyganov to take control of their houses. As a result, in & nbsp; his farm is now 4 & nbsp; high-rise buildings. “ More & nbsp; I will not master, & nbsp; & ndash; says Michael. & nbsp; & ndash; The working day starts at & nbsp; 7 & nbsp; in the morning and & nbsp; lasts at least 12 & nbsp; hours. I go to & nbsp; once every & nbsp; several years and & nbsp; only & nbsp; two weeks & raquo ;.

It saves that all the work is under & nbsp; sideways, and & nbsp; then he could not see the family at all. And & nbsp; he has three sons & nbsp; & ndash; senior in & nbsp; third grade, junior & nbsp; & ndash; in the & nbsp; kindergarten. So he meticulously approached the & nbsp; builder & shy; the playground in the courtyard of the house & nbsp; & ndash; for & nbsp; tried. “ True, the tenants complain that there are a lot of children in the yard and & nbsp; from this it is noisy. But we found a way out & nbsp; & ndash; made in the afternoon a quiet hour, the site on & nbsp; this time is closed. At & nbsp; night & nbsp; & ndash; from & nbsp; 20 & nbsp; hours to & nbsp; 10 & nbsp; am & nbsp; & ndash; also, so that no one here drinks alcoholic beverages, does not bawl drunken companies. We have a fence around us, cameras, lights. Everything is under & nbsp; control! & Raquo;

Now the manager of the building plans to install solar panels in his high-rise building: “They will be able to supply electricity to common areas.” entrances, stairwells, basements. Savings again! ''

Did this work make him rich? Not at all! The first 7 years, when he managed one of his houses, the salary barely exceeded 20 & nbsp; thousand & nbsp; rubles. Now he receives 33 & nbsp; thousand & nbsp; rubles for managing one house. A & nbsp; a cleaning lady who cleans the & nbsp; the same house, & nbsp; & ndash; 22 & nbsp; thous. Agree, it is rare where you can find such a small difference in the & nbsp; salaries of the manager and & nbsp; cleaning lady. The same woman cleans up the neighboring house and & nbsp; adds another 22 & nbsp; to her income. in & nbsp; month. And & nbsp; this is a local resident, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; guest worker. & Nbsp;

Each tenant has a telephone number of the house manager. But he is not torn from & nbsp; calls, because Mikhail tries to solve problems in advance, and & nbsp; not in & nbsp; emergency order. He is not ashamed to look residents in & nbsp; eyes. He encounters & nbsp; them hundreds of times a day, is not fenced off from & nbsp; them by offices. Another question & ndash; where to find so many Shvyganovs to cover the whole country. But this is fixable. Mikhail says he is ready to share his experience. And & nbsp; make sure that the phrase Nonna Mordyukova from & nbsp; “ Diamond Hand '' about the “ house manager & nbsp; & ndash; man's friend '' played with new colors.

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