“Admiral Gorshkov” launched “Zircon” at a target in the White Sea

The Ministry of Defense reported that the target was hit by a direct hit. Sergei Shoigu reported the test results to Vladimir Putin


Frigate Admiral Gorshkov fired a Zircon hypersonic missile on a target in the White Sea, the Ministry of Defense reported.

“ The target was hit by a direct hit. Surface ships and naval aviation of the Northern Fleet were involved in providing for the firing and closing the area '', & mdash; the ministry said in a message received by RBC.

The head of the military department Sergei Shoigu reported on the successful tests to President Vladimir Putin.

“ Zircon '' & raquo; mdash; Russian hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile. The Ministry of Defense announced its successful tests back in July. They said that released from the “ Admiral Gorshkov '' the missile successfully hit the target at a distance of over 350 km. On October 4, the military department announced the successful launch of Zircon from a submarine.

On November 3, Putin said that the tests of the Zircon missiles sea ​​bases are being completed, and from next year they will begin to be supplied to equip the Russian Navy.

The President added that the ongoing tests also confirmed the “ unique characteristics '' laser installations “ Peresvet '', hypersonic complexes “ Avangard '' and “ Dagger. ''

The Pentagon saw a potential threat in missile tests. 'New Russian hypersonic systems' potentially destabilizing and pose a noticeable threat, because these systems are compatible with nuclear '', & mdash; stated in the US military.

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