An expert on lies made out Rashkin’s confession and found secret signs

“Shows the figure of a large animal”

Valery Rashkin has publicly repented. The deputy published a video message in which he admitted that he had killed an elk. True, with reservations: I thought I was aiming at a wild boar, I had no doubt that I had a hunting license, I didn't drink that evening. He summed up his speech with the words: “I was set up.” Lying expert Ilya Anishchenko made out Rashkin's confession and noticed that the deputy was not honest at all points.


– Valery Fedorovich, of course, worries on the video, but keeps himself confidently. He intends to go all the way with his version, he is not going to give up, '' began profiler Ilya Anischenko. – He plans to put pressure on the fact that he was framed. At the end of his speech, anger appears on his face.

Rashkin recorded a video message about the scandalous hunt: “The body of a moose is lying”

Watch the video on the topic

– I noticed that at the very beginning, when he says that he will publicly and openly tell everything, then on the word “honestly” he shrugs his shoulders and twitches his head. These gestures indicate that we will not hear an honest story.

– Apparently, he drank, although he tried to deny this fact. He says, they say, yes, he came to a friend's house, satisfied his hunger, but “I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.”

Note, he said in general terms. If he had nothing to hide, he would have stated clearly: “I was not drinking at that moment.” Moreover, at the end of the phrase “I don’t use,” Rashkin slightly nods his head, which indicates that he is still drinking. There is an indirect negation of words.

Also, when he talks about drunkenness, he leans back a little and folds his hands on the edge of the table. Before that I sat quietly. But, as soon as we talk about alcohol, his level of gesticulation changes, there is bodily tension, he licks his lips, because the topic is stressful for him. He then reveals that he refused a medical examination because he was going to go through it later. But there is no continuation of his story. Rashkin did not clarify whether he passed the examination or not.

– When the deputy said that he did not see who he shot at, here he is disingenuous. The deputy understood and saw that he was shooting at a moose and not at a wild boar. During the narration, Rashkin shows in front of him the figure of a large animal, as tall as his own. Obviously, it's a moose. If it was a boar, he would show it below himself. Thus, he gestured to depict an elk that was standing in front of him.

– Here I believed him.

– Yes, he also has no doubts about it.

– Yes, he reads from the sheet, occasionally glances to the right of myself. It can be seen that the video was filmed in several takes, a couple of key moments were cut off. It is noticeable that it is difficult for him to perform on camera, perhaps that is why the video was edited and reshomed. But he is going to make amends for his guilt by any means.


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