Ark Patrol – Socialite (Ft. Courtney Drummey & Veronika Redd)

Ark Patrol

Socialite (Ft. Courtney Drummey & Veronika Redd)

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Jami Selikow

Sep 21, 2022

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Why do we like this?

With a song as beautiful as Ark Patrol‘s “Socialite,” it’d be easy to simply discuss how good it sounds. Though true, it was the lyrics that begged for deeper listening and repeated plays.

I spun this song several times and still struggled to fully grasp the meaning. Undeniably, though, a tale of quite an intriguing woman is weaved into this tapestry of words…and it’s through this song that we can glean a glimpse of her.

Explaining the sonic inspiration of “Socialite,” Ark Patrol says:

“Over the pandemic, I was rescued by and fostered a deep love for the timeless Motown drum and bass dynamic, finding it in some of my favorite artists work (Crumb, Sault, Portishead, Khruangbin, even Edie Brickell). So before diving deep into the realm of dance music, I wanted to share one of the experiments in that realm, ‘Socialite.'”

Jami Selikow

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