Astronomers explained a bright flash over St. Petersburg

A bright flash captured on video over St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Karelia can be a fireball or something else, up to an unexploded fireworks, RIA Novosti reports, citing interviewed scientists.

< p> Earlier, videos from car DVRs, as well as footage taken by eyewitnesses, began to appear on the Web. It turned out that residents of the Leningrad Region and Karelia saw something similar in their regions. Witnesses to the phenomenon claim that it was accompanied by a bright green flash and a loud crash. According to users, these were traces of fallen meteorites. Others mistook them for ball lightning.

Olga Popova, a researcher at the Sadovsky Institute of Geospheres Dynamics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that it could be a fireball. At first glance, it seems bright enough. She assumes that this is a & nbsp; meteoroid in the range of 10 cm -1 m.

Astronomer Yekaterina Efremova expressed doubts that this is a fireball. According to her, three flares are alarming.

Before & nbsp; this doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory of small planets of the solar system of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (KrAO) Nikolai Kiselev explained that flares in the night sky meant that the body burned out in the dense layers of the atmosphere. However, fireballs of this kind can be partially destroyed, and the remnants can reach the Earth. & Nbsp;


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