Bearcubs – In The Flowers (Ft. Thala)


In The Flowers (Ft. Thala)

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Jami Selikow

Apr 28, 2022

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Why do we like this?

When reading the artist’s explanation of what they’ve created here with “In The Flowers,” I’m struck by an overwhelming impression of kindness, collaboration, and humility. The artist seems to have worked with friends on this track but does so in a way stemming from a deep admiration of their abilities. It’s sweet, and I imagine, it ended up bringing out the best of everyone’s talents.

Woozy guitars and percussion so delicate it feels slightly whispered create the perfect hold upon which to place a laidback lead vocal performance before they’re greeted by Thala’s sweet-as-flowers vocals.

Speaking to the track, Bearcup explains:

“I had initially written ‘In The Flowers’ on my own, but I had been wanting to get my buddy Thala to sing on one of my tracks for ages, so this one ended up being perfect for her voice and the duet in the chorus really brought something special to the song. My friend Aidan played drums on some of the songs too which added another really nice human element in contrast with the more electronic sounds. The artwork and videos were also very important to me because I wanted the album to really feel like it’s a little world in itself, so I managed to find some great visual artists (Stewart Armstrong, Gabriel Rollin) and great directors (Jan Rasmus Voss, Nikko Hunt, Fares Hamade) to help the ideas I had come alive. It was really fun to work with more people on this project and try to pull in different people’s skills and tastes to see what they could contribute to the conversation.”

Jami Selikow

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