Biden spoke about Putin’s doubts about democracy

Xi Jinping has the same point of view

US President Joe Biden said that the leaders of Russia and China, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, made him understand that they doubted the effectiveness of democracy in modern conditions. He spoke about this during a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee.

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

« Both Putin and Xi Jinping made it clear to me that they do not believe that democracies in the 21st century can function, because it takes too long to reach consensus, and therefore autocracies will win, “Biden said.

The President The United States added that today the world is wondering whether “is it true that America has returned” amid disunity and the events of January 6, when protesters stormed the Capitol.

Also, according to Biden, the world community is wondering whether the democratic system in the United States to achieve success, reports TASS.

The US President stressed that America must meet the hopes of other countries. In addition, he recalled the US efforts aimed at overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic recovery.

Earlier, the head of the State Department Anthony Blinken said that Moscow and Beijing are trying to convince the rest of the world of the US decline. According to him, the authorities of Russia and China are doing this both publicly and privately.


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