Boris Johnson celebrated Ukraine’s Independence Day in Kyiv

The portrait of the ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain was painted over in Krivoy Rog the day before

The outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to visit Ukraine for the last time. On Independence Day, he arrived in Kyiv – to “friend Vladimir”.

Photo: AP

traditional format: Johnson in a formal suit and Vladimir in a green T-shirt. “Thank you for the uncompromising support of our country, for the steadfast defense of Ukraine's interests in the international arena! Our state is lucky that we have such a friend!” Zelensky greeted the ex-premier. After the official meeting, the couple traditionally walked along Khreshchatyk. what Johnson could see from behind them. However, the main thing is not the views of Kyiv, but the fact itself. In addition, as a gift, Boris brought gifts to Ukraine – promises of a new military aid package for 63.7 million dollars.

< p>Meanwhile, last week a huge mural depicting Boris Johnson was painted over in President Zelensky’s hometown of Kryvyi Rih.


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