Build dietary supplements. The Ministry of Defense has developed a new remedy for COVID-19

The & nbsp; 27th & nbsp; Central & nbsp; Research Institute & nbsp; Ministry of Defense & nbsp; developed a biologically active additive & nbsp; & laquo; KovBAD & raquo; . It & nbsp; helps to reduce the concentration of coronavirus in the human body by 16 times & nbsp; on & nbsp; the sixth day of use. This was & nbsp; reported & nbsp; Chief of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov. & nbsp; & nbsp; understood the new development and recalled what other projects against & nbsp; COVID-19 & nbsp; the military took part. & nbsp;

Useful additives & nbsp;

Dietary supplement developed scientists of the 27th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense. In early November, the drug received a certificate of state registration.

Experiments have shown that on the second day of using the “ KovBAD '' the amount of the virus in the nasopharynx is halved, and at the sixth its concentration is reduced by 16 times. As a result, the impact on the human body is also reduced, the disease proceeds with fewer complications. & Nbsp;

However, how dietary supplements reduce the severity of the disease is not explained. A dietary supplement cannot kill a virus. It turns out that it can only act through strengthening human immunity. But it is impossible to strengthen the immune system in a few days – you need to take dietary supplements regularly for several months, or even years. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In the & nbsp; 27th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense & nbsp; have & nbsp; experience in creating & nbsp; and other & nbsp; dietary supplements, when & nbsp; creating these & nbsp; drugs & nbsp; scientists use & nbsp; such & nbsp; components & nbsp; as extract & nbsp; extract of rowanberry (blackberry) which is contained in brown algae and the body of some echinoderms), Pacific squid hydrolyzate and other substances of natural origin that increase the antiviral defense of the body. & nbsp;

Sometimes it's better to chew

Earlier in the summer it was reported that & nbsp; The Russian Ministry of Defense & nbsp; is developing & nbsp; not & nbsp; less original & nbsp; drug in the form of chewing gum. & nbsp; Director & nbsp; 48th & nbsp; Central & nbsp; Research Institute & nbsp; Ministry of Defense & nbsp; Colonel Sergei Borisevich & nbsp; confirmed this information, saying that work in this direction is underway, but did not disclose the properties of this drug.

The developers & nbsp; reported that combining the convenient form of the drug with its beneficial properties will provide a positive effect in the fight against the spread of covid. In addition, the source clarified that the institute is also creating a mucosal vaccine in the form of a marshmallow. & Nbsp; After testing, the drug will be included in various treatment and prevention regimens for coronavirus infection. How this beneficial sweetness works is also not explained.

Passed the test & nbsp;

Also & nbsp; specialists of the RCB-protection troops and the 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense within two weeks collected the PCR kit necessary to identify the causative agent of the disease. ; quickly & nbsp; identify foci of coronavirus in the troops. And in addition, they ensured the transfer of significant then volumes, and these are tens of thousands of tests, from the Ministry of Defense to civil health. & Nbsp;

War against disease

The & nbsp; military department has extensive experience in & nbsp; creation of vaccines against plague, smallpox, anthrax, and other dangerous infections. & Nbsp; These developments were used to create & nbsp; joint with & nbsp; center named after N.F. Gamaleya & nbsp; the most & nbsp; common Russian & nbsp; vaccine & nbsp; & quot; Sputnik V & raquo;. & Nbsp;

In the spring of last year, the 48th Central Research Institute, together with the Gamaleya Institute, conducted preclinical studies of the vaccine in animals. They proved its effectiveness and safety. & Nbsp;

By & nbsp; June 1 last year, groups of military and civilian volunteers were formed to conduct clinical & nbsp; research & nbsp; on the basis of the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital and the clinic of the Sechenov Medical Institute. Already in December last year, vaccination against & nbsp; COVID-19 & nbsp; began throughout the country. & Nbsp;


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