Can fireworks bought for the New Year be kept at home?

New Year is coming soon, and Russians, according to & nbsp; tradition, will launch fireworks. They are usually stocked up in advance. Therefore, the question arises, how to properly store pyrotechnics? The expert helped to understand the & nbsp; topic.

Can & nbsp; be kept at home?

Pyrotechnic products purchased for personal use can be stored at home, but & nbsp; only with & nbsp; compliance with fire safety requirements, which are specified in & nbsp; instructions for & nbsp; product use. & Nbsp; This was reported by Deputy Head of Supervision and & nbsp; Preventive Work, Head of the Department for Organizing Supervision and & nbsp; Preventive Measures of the State Institution & nbsp; EMERCOM of Russia for & nbsp; Nizhny Novgorod Region Sergey Bolshakov .

The main regulatory legal act that defines the requirements for & nbsp; storage of pyrotechnic means in & nbsp; everyday life is the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union & bdquo; О & nbsp; safety of pyrotechnic products & ldquo;. According to this document, & nbsp; each such product should have instructions with & nbsp; a clear description of how to store it safely & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; the expert noted.

Where is the best & nbsp; house to store fireworks?

If you & nbsp; live in a & nbsp; separate house, then a dry pantry would be an ideal place to store purchased pyrotechnics. And & nbsp; if in & nbsp; apartment & nbsp; & mdash; then & nbsp; a closed shelf in a wardrobe will do, Bolshakov said.

Where shouldn't you store fireworks?

Pyrotechnics should not be stored on the & nbsp; street, in the open, as direct sunlight and & nbsp; moisture can get on the product. Fireworks should not be stored at home in & nbsp; damp rooms (the product may become damp). For example, in the & nbsp; bathroom or on non-glazed balconies, where there is also a risk of atmospheric precipitation, the expert noted.

What rules for storing fireworks should be observed?

According to the & nbsp; expert, there is a few general requirements for the & nbsp; safe storage of pyrotechnic products. They boil down to & nbsp; the following points:

  • fireworks can only be stored in a & nbsp; dry room;
  • it is forbidden to store fireworks near heating devices (less than 0.5 & nbsp; meters);
  • the & nbsp; pyrotechnics should not be exposed to sunlight and & nbsp; precipitation;
  • the temperature in the & nbsp; storage place should not & nbsp; exceed 30 & nbsp; degrees;
  • in the & nbsp; cold season, fireworks should be stored in & nbsp ; heated room, in & nbsp; otherwise, due to temperature changes, they may become damp.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dry damp pyrotechnics on & nbsp; heating devices (radiators, reflectors, household heaters, etc.) and & nbsp; using heating devices (construction and & nbsp; household hair dryers, blowtorches, etc.).

In no case should pyrotechnics be stored where children can freely access. They can simply set fire to or start a fireworks (fireworks) right in the & nbsp; house. It is also important to exclude any mechanical damage to the pyrotechnics. So that she, for example, does not & nbsp; fall on the & nbsp; floor. It is strictly forbidden to use a damaged product & nbsp; & mdash; this is unsafe, as the fireworks can go off incorrectly (shoot at the & nbsp; side of people) and & nbsp; lead to injuries. Therefore, it is advisable to store pyrotechnics on & nbsp; closed shelves, and & nbsp; before use, re-read the instructions for & nbsp; use & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; emphasized Bolshakov.

What to do with & nbsp; damaged fireworks?

Damaged fireworks should be thrown away, but & nbsp; first, according to fire safety rules, it must be soaked in & nbsp; water.

“ If the fireworks are mechanically damaged, they must be placed in & nbsp; water for & nbsp; 24 & nbsp; hours before disposal. During & nbsp; this time, explosive substances in the & nbsp; product will damp and & nbsp; will not & nbsp; pose a threat. Only after that, pyrotechnics can be safely thrown away along with & nbsp; household waste. Otherwise, a non-neutralized pyrotechnic product may inadvertently start. In the & nbsp; as a result, we & nbsp; can get a volley of fireworks in the & nbsp; dumpster, after which all the waste will scatter around the & nbsp; yard. In addition, fire will be inevitable & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; explained the expert.

A similar disposal procedure should be followed in & nbsp; if, for some reason, the fireworks didn & nbsp; start. At the same time, in & nbsp; for 5 & nbsp; minutes after an unsuccessful launch, it is forbidden to approach him and & nbsp; take the product in his & nbsp; hands in order to exclude injury due to possible spontaneous operation, Bolshakov added.


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