Celebration and funeral. 5 dark wedding stories

A fight at a wedding & mdash; far from the worst of the events that can darken the life of the newlyweds. There are worse things. We recall the stories that at various times were actively discussed in the press.

Wedding gift

On October 8 this year, the most ordinary wedding of Alexey and Natalia. Of course, alcohol has not been avoided. On the first day, guests were treated to burnt rum, and on the second, the groom, along with three friends, celebrated his new status with a canister of cognac of unknown origin. & Nbsp;

Alcohol of dubious quality was presented to the newlyweds by the bride's friend Nadezhda … The woman stocked up on alcohol in the summer. She bought the cans of cognac and rum from a 34-year-old native of Azerbaijan named Tural . Shortly before the wedding, Natalya turned to her: the future wife was looking for a cheap drink for the celebration. Nadezhda could not get through to Tural (this is not surprising, since at that time the man had already been detained on suspicion of illegal production and sale of alcoholic beverages) and decided to give her friend the previously purchased alcohol as a wedding gift. & Nbsp;

No one was hurt by the rum, but after drinking cognac, literally the next day, everyone who used it was hospitalized: four people, including the groom. The latter died, his friends managed to get out.

Traffic accident with newlyweds

Zhenya & mdash; 22, husband & mdash; 26. They registered their marriage in Chelyabinsk and together with their relatives went to the parents of the young man, but never got there. In “ Lada '' the newlyweds crashed into a Mitsubishi car. As a result of the collision, six people died: the perpetrator of the accident and her passenger, as well as his wife and two of their relatives. Only one person managed to survive. & Nbsp;

The foreign car was driven by a 36-year-old woman with a good driving experience (6 years). On the day of the accident, her car flew into the oncoming lane and crashed into a Lada. at high speed. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Double murder

This story happened in early 2021. First wedding day Radu and Christina the restaurant of the country club was more or less calm, except for a small skirmish between the groom's elder brother Philip and one of the invited guests from the bride's side Vladimir Devyatayev … But on the second day, the young people again did not share something, the verbal skirmish turned into a fight. “ Radu stretched them out. He didn't want the guests to fight. But I didn't keep track of & hellip; Philip & mdash; a working man, stronger than Devyatayev will be. He hit Devyatayev a couple of times in the face with his palm. They were separated. Devyatayev started calling somewhere. He freaked out and ran out of the cottage as he was, in socks '', & mdash; one of the witnesses of those events told kp.ru.

The groom's attempts to settle the conflict that had begun ended in death for him and Philip. According to the investigation, while the men were talking on the street, Vladimir's brother drove up in a car and brought him a weapon, from which Devyatayev shot the groom and his relative. Both died instantly. & Nbsp;

After the tragedy, the widow Radu & mdash; Christina & mdash; wrote a touching appeal to her deceased husband: “ How am I going to live without you, my dear boy ?! I will always be your wife. I promise. You are my only one. Together forever. Just be there, look at me from above, and I will fulfill all our dreams for you, so that you are proud of me. Sleep well, my dear, and I will try to survive this pain. ''

Deadly candy

“ The bride died during a wedding in Moscow '', & mdash; such headlines appeared in all media in the summer of 2020. A 25-year-old girl named Alexandra fell ill during a wedding banquet. Of course, doctors were immediately called for her, but they could not save the newly-made wife. It turns out that ordinary sweets became the cause of death. Since childhood, Alexandra suffered from a severe allergy to nuts, so the entire staff of the institution where the wedding was celebrated was warned that this product should not be on the festive table. But for some reason, candy with nut crumbs still got there. The bride ate several and began to choke. She had anaphylactic shock. & Nbsp;

Hospital instead of the wedding night

30 people in the hospital, two in intensive care & mdash; this is how one of the weddings in the Nizhny Novgorod region ended. At six in the evening, the guests and the newlyweds went to a cafe, & nbsp; and & nbsp; literally two hours later, the groom felt a sharp malaise. The poor state of health was at first attributed to the alcohol he had drunk; some of the guests even went to the pharmacy and brought medicine from there. However, the man was not the only victim. “ Then all this began to take on a mass character. Those who were at the wedding started running to the toilet one after another, everyone felt sick. Then they started calling the ambulance '', & mdash; said Andrey Vovk, one of the guests, in an interview with kp.ru.

More than thirty people left this celebration not home, but directly to the infectious diseases department of the hospital, two of them ended up in intensive care. The guests associated the poisoning with the food they ate at the wedding. “ We talked among ourselves and decided that most likely it was a salad, since everyone ate it. But those who had a different menu did not suffer. Someone else has sinned on fish julienne ', & mdash; told Vovk. & nbsp;

The bride was more fortunate than the groom, she did not suffer. Fortunately, literally the next day, many have already begun to be discharged, there were no fatalities.

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