D Block Europe – Black Sheep lyrics

D Block Europe

Black Sheep lyrics


Lil Pino,

D Block Europe – Black Sheep lyrics

[Intro: Dirtbike LB, Young Adz]
Yeah, uh-huh
I don’t wanna talk about memories because if I talk about it, I’m gonna talk about it based on how I feel now (Little ni**a had the hell of it)
So, at the time, I might have felt, like, you know, you really left me
But after growing up, I’m in a better place now, I can see why you done that (Ya dig?)
[Verse 1: Dirtbike LB]
When no-one else was there and there wasn’t no-one left
[?] my head, I let this gelato burn my chest
She just think I’m trippin’, I ain’t even take no X
Brand new glizzy, I just need the word before I step
Baby, it’s just love if these diamonds disappear
Baby, I’m a thug, I keep these killers at the crib
Baby, I’m on drugs, it’s so different when you lit
I’m talkin’ way before the money, in the trench and I was lit
ni**as try stab me up and send me up and I ain’t never trust a ni**a ever since (Yeah)
ni**as lying over nothing, even family, man was buggin’ (Gotta get it how you live)
[Verse 2: Lil Pino]
What’d I tell you? How I’m feelin’, baby, claustrophobic, freedom feels lit
I was Lil Pino in a Smart car, sippin’ lean and a ni**a sellin’ bricks
Ice all on my wrist, don’t tell the right day
If it’s dollars, pounds, 41 to my face, I need to meditate, yeah
Nails on fleek, and, yeah, she rude, thirty racks in the coupe
And the lean straight dropped in the Mountain Dew
[Interlude: Young Adz]
I don’t know, my intentions weren’t to get married, innit?
I never wanted to get married, I was team streets
But then you meet the right one
[Verse 3: Young Adz]
I’m feelin’ good, my ni**as free
My lady sweeter than a peach
The seat recline, I’m gettin’ head, it’s been a long week
If love is love then let me stand on my wrongs
Hold me down a bit, I like when I’m weak, make me strong, yeah
My opinion changed on you when I found out what you do this for
Me and broski really lit, could open up a jewellery store
Humble with my wins, these ni**as crumble at the brink of any pressure

Throw me in the jungle, come back with a mink
[Verse 4: Dirtbike LB]
Really ride with us, ride with us, really ride with
I just love my ni**as that [?]
It’s your eyes, it’s your mind [?]
I need a real one [?], girl, I need commitment
This cup is red, I smell this codeine while I’m pissing
We’re really Insta goals, I fu*k this girl, we’re living this
fu*k an Insta post, it’s real love, girl, I’m still in this
[Verse 5: Lil Pino]
Bando Baby 22, I’m rich ni**a different
Rollie [?] pop a Perc, now I’m trippin’
In a Lamb’ truck, cruisin’ smokin’ 41, mind my business
VVS not VS, ni**a, can’t you tell the difference?
Can’t tell the difference, VVS, no competition
Can’t you tell the way it different? Just the way my Rollie glisten
Tell the hitters, “Hit ’em up” for the reason
Listen to Durk, in my feelings
Rolex, Cubans, [?] tell them “Freeze it”
[Verse 6: Young Adz]
Chinese whispers, my cats ain’t got no whiskers
I drop two ounces of flake and some bicurls, get to whiskin’, yeah
Make some money, watch them treat you different
The black sheeps of the family turn into goats, I gotta keep my distance
Never give up, stay consistent
I tried to give them game, they wouldn’t listen
They’ll rather see us in prison, but it’s calm
Ain’t tryna make no moves without them arms
I do this for my ni**as counting years just walking ’round the yard
[Outro: Young Adz]
It was “fu*k them” on the way up, it was “fu*k them” when we got here, and it’ll be “fu*k them” on the way down
Man ain’t goin’ down and startin’ to fu*k with ni**as, it’s still “fu*k you ni**as”
When we’re pop down, it’s “fu*k you”, when we’re on the come up, it’s “fu*k you”, now we’re on the level, it’s still “fu*k you”, innit?
DBE, they gotta be against us ’cause they can’t join us
You have to be against us
You can’t beat it, join it, you can’t join it, hate on it
You can’t hate on it no more, just respect it, simple

D Block Europe – Black Sheep lyrics

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