Dijahsb – Here To Dance Lyrics (feat. Mick Jenkins)

I could book yo’ flight, yeah (I could, I could, I could)
I could book yo’ flight
All I needs your first and your last, pack three days in that big Telfar bag
Meet you where you stayin’ (Stayin’)
You don’t got no plans, you just wanna dance (Dance)
Don’t mind me, just a fan (Fan)

I could watch you vibe, yeah
Mind yo’ business, vibe (Vibes)
Dijah light a blunt (Blunt)
Smoke me out my mind, yeah
I’m on that type of time, yeah
I don’t waste my breath, no
I won’t waste your time, no

I’ma just move
I’ma Kid Cudi, gettin’ lost in the move

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