Dylan Cox – Animals in The Kitchen

Dylan Cox

Animals in The Kitchen

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Jami Selikow

Jul 20, 2021

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Iron & Wine,
Sufjan Stevens,
Fleet Foxes


indie rock
male vocalist
indie folk

Why do we like this?

There’s something special about this song. I can’t quite put my finger on it though. But that’s the thing with that which is special, it’s often abstract, obscure, a quality that cannot be grasped and yet is felt.

“Animals in The Kitchen” is the kind of song I sit down to write about and have to crane my neck so as to be able to glance far above me in order to catch a glimpse of the musicianship and talent that places such artists high above the ordinary.

The music video too, leaves me in awe, as I take in the music with a deep respect for creativity, artistry, and the coming together of ideas to produce something wholly unique.

A glowing write-up you say? Sit back and be wowed just as I was. Enjoy.

Jami Selikow

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