Ecology is everyone’s business. Sergey Lavrov Supports the Rosprirodnadzor Prize

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has supported the international children's and youth award dedicated to ecology. Contest & laquo; Ecology & mdash; everyone's business, he believes, can become a good tradition. Our common task is & mdash; maintaining a favorable state of the environment, the fate of the planet depends on man.

“ Dear friends, participants of the first international children's and youth competition 'Ecology is everyone's business'. The life of any person is inextricably linked with nature, therefore the very name of the competition has a deep meaning. After all, maintaining a favorable state of the environment is our common task. The fate of the Planet depends on all of us and active participation in the competition is a convincing example of the fact that you are not indifferent to its future. As part of the competitive selection, 6,000 works from Russia and 27 countries of the world were considered. I am glad that the participants approached the task with responsibility and creativity. In their presentations, they touched upon a wide variety of environmental problems. Most importantly, they offered options for their solution '', & mdash; reads in the official address of the minister to the participants of the award.

Sergey Lavrov also stressed that the sustainable development of states is impossible without the joint efforts of the entire international community, therefore, the wide participation of children from abroad in the competition was especially valuable.

“ I think everyone was interested in their stories about the unique experiences of their countries in the field of ecology. The exchange of ideas, proposals and projects contributes to the unification of young people on a platform for protecting nature, increasing the environmental awareness of young people, in general, the formation of an active life position in them. The Russian Federation pays great attention to the environmental agenda & raquo ;, & mdash; said Sergei Lavrov in his address. He also stressed that this is absolutely logical, since Russia has a vast territory and colossal natural resources, as well as an enormous supply of fresh water, forests, natural resources, and unique wild animals. And you should always remember that all these resources are exhaustible and vulnerable, and therefore should be treated with extreme care.

Russia takes a firm position in the environmental direction, the minister noted. She defends her position on international platforms, and also consistently advocates for the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals & mdash; they were formulated in the 2030 agenda. The standard and quality of life of all inhabitants of the planet depends on this. And the competition can become a good tradition, Minister Lavrov stressed.

Head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Svetlana Radionova spoke in response… She thanked Sergei Lavrov for his support. And she noted that caring for the environment & mdash; the common task of all citizens of Russia. And only through joint efforts can the uniqueness of the country's nature be preserved.

“ The works of the participants showed how sensitively children react to the environmental problems they see in their regions and, most importantly, show options for their solution. & laquo; Ecology & mdash; everyone's business and these are not just words & mdash; this is the principle of life, which, I hope, will remain in the hearts of the participants, their parents, teachers and everyone who supported our award. The most important thing is that children all over the world speak the same language of peace and love for nature, and many foreign works have proved this, '' & mdash; said Svetlana Rodionova.

All regions of the country took part in the event. In addition, the countries of Latin America, especially Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, have shown themselves actively, Svetlana Rodionova noted.

In China, she said, an active teacher was found, thanks to whom the art school participated in the award and the children sent more than fifty drawings. Kazakhstan, Italy, Uzbekistan and many others have also shown themselves very actively. “ We are very glad that children show us adults how they see the future of our planet and want to preserve nature, '' & mdash; commented on the competition Svetlana Radionova. & nbsp;

Ecology Award everyone's business '' established by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources on March 31, 2021 and is carried out in accordance with the national development goals of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the project include environmental education, popularization of the topic of ecology and a culture of responsible attitude to natural resources, involving young people in the environmental agenda using social networks and “ green '' volunteering.

Applications for the award were accepted from April 1 to October 1 this year. For six months, 9.5 thousand applications from children were received, 6,000 were accepted, about 650 works were included in the short-list of the award. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Viktoria Abramchenko became the chairman of the award jury. The results of the award will be announced on November 25 within the framework of a press conference, which will be held online at 14.00 Moscow time in the MIA Rossiya Segodnya.

The general partner of the award was ANO Center Arctic Initiatives, federal partners steel & mdash; PJSC SIBUR Holding, VTsD Orlyonok, Children's Radio.


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