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Eelke Kleijn


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Dylan Heneck

May 06, 2022

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Sébastien Léger,
Joris Voorn


progressive house
joris voorn
Eelke Kleijn

Why do we like this?

This review is dedicated to all of the people out there with fancy names, like Eelke. Your spirit emblazons every receipt or piece of homework where your name is spelt. Your parents have done a service to the world by ensuring that there isn’t one more Bobby or Susan filling our databases. Because everyone knows that names are stored in databases!

What happens one day when our servers are so full of dull, indistinguishable names that the world’s computer systems freeze up and explode? We’re talking power outages, cars driving into one another, and basically anything else that affects traffic lights and causes people to have car accidents. ALL BECAUSE THE DATA BASES HAVE CRASHED. That’s what happens when databases crash, it affects traffic lights first, obviously.

Again though, I bring us back to how lucky we are to have people like Eelke’s parents in the world. They knew what lame names could cost us in the future and did their bit. Not only that, they raised a son who makes some pretty epic music.

Dylan Heneck

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