Elon Musk’s fortune decreased by $ 50 billion in two days

The billionaire lost more in a day than Bezos for the entire divorce.

The founder of the Tesla electric car manufacturer, businessman and inventor Elon Musk, lost about $ 50 billion in two days.

The reason for the drop in the income of the richest man in history was a survey in which Musk asked Twitter users if he should sell 10% of the company's shares. As a result, 3 million 519 thousand 252 people decided to participate in the voting, of which 57.9% voted for.

The poll on the sale of Tesla shares received 115,000 likes, was re-posted 36,500 times and got 48,800 comments.

The Tesla owner himself said that he intends to follow the advice of people. Musk said that he does not receive a salary in his companies, so the only way he can pay taxes is & # 8211; this is to sell shares.

According to Bloomberg, the fall in the company's share prices continued for two days, during which Musk lost $ 50 billion.

At the moment, the difference between the state of Elon Musk and the capital of the owner of the Internet – Jeff Bezos' Amazon company is $ 83 billion.

Recall that the latter lost an impressive part of its revenues of $ 36 billion after a high-profile divorce from his wife Mackenzie.

As Forbes clarifies with reference to the Forbes Real rating -Time, Musk's fortune is currently $ 271 billion, which still leaves him in the position of the richest man in the world. Bezos remains in second place with $ 205.9 billion.

Earlier, Topnews reported that Musk became the richest man in history with $ 289 billion.

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