Evropeyskaya Pravda learned about the seizure of funds from Fridman’s company

Evropeyskaya Pravda: the court seized $1.8 million worth of shares and funds from Fridman's company The Ukrainian authorities have arrested the corporate rights of the “Russian oligarch” company. According to European Pravda, we are talking about the Morshinskaya mineral water producer, owned by Mikhail Fridman

Mikhail Fridman

Corporate rights of an enterprise for the production and sale of mineral water owned by a Russian oligarch have been arrested in Ukraine , in the amount of more than UAH 53.4 million (more than $1.8 million). This was reported in the office of the country's Attorney General and the Bureau of Economic Security.

The message clarified that the arrest was imposed on securities and funds that are shares of the authorized capital of the enterprise, which “through Cypriot companies belongs to an oligarch from Russia.”

“According to the investigation, Russian businessmen tried avoid possible sanctions and seizure of property rights provided for by the legislation of Ukraine. In particular, according to fictitious agreements, they planned to withdraw assets located on the territory of Ukraine from their property,»,— reported to the Bureau of Economic Security.

According to the Ukrainian publication Evropeyska Pravda, we are talking about the Morshynska mineral water company, owned by Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman.

In Ukraine, Fridman, with partners German Khan and Petr Aven, owns IDS Group Ukraine, a subsidiary of international group IDS Borjomi International (the share is owned by Alfa Group, on June 13 it became known that at least a part will be received by the Georgian government). The company is the exclusive importer of Borjomi water. in Ukraine, and is also represented by a number of brands, in particular, the waters of «Morshinskaya» and “Mirgorodskaya”, recalled “European Truth”.

RBC turned to Alfa-Bank for comment.

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Earlier, Ukrainian Forbes, citing the head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Oleksandr Novikov, said that Fridman was consulting with the Ukrainian authorities on the issue of obtaining citizenship and re-registering assets.

However, later, a representative of Alfa Group RBC denied this information.

The European Union imposed sanctions against the Russian businessman, providing for the freezing of assets and a ban on entry. The justification for the EU restrictions stated that Friedman “participated in the Kremlin's efforts to lift US sanctions imposed to counter Russia's aggressive policy towards Ukraine”, “actively supported and benefited materially or financially” from the leaders responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the “destabilization of Ukraine.” Later, the UK joined the EU sanctions.

Friedman did not agree with the EU decision and filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg against the EU Council. After the imposition of sanctions, Fridman resigned from the board of directors of Alfa-Bank and ceased to be its largest shareholder. The entrepreneur also left LetterOne.

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