Former Soviet officer spoke about the riots in Taldykorgan: “They killed people for two days”

The police were practically absent

A resident of the Kazakh city of Taldykorgan, a former officer of the Soviet army, told what happened during the unrest in the country and suggested why all this became possible.

Photo: AP

According to the interlocutor of MK (in the interests of his safety we do not mention his name), “ peaceful protesters '' first of all & nbsp; captured ATC in Taldykorgan and 400 units of weapons. They set fire to the akimat building on Lenin Square. In addition, in one of the districts they seized a residential five-story building with hostages. “ There were three hundred thugs '', & ndash; the man said.

According to an eyewitness, many residents did not leave their homes during the three days of the riots. We didn't even go out for groceries, some of them managed to stock up on only bread.

“ Before the introduction of the CSTO contingent in Kazakhstan, our militants drove around Taldykorgan in jeeps for two days, soldering mambets (low-income residents of the southern regions of Kazakhstan from rural areas. , & ndash; told the former officer. & ndash; To move around the city without arousing suspicion, the militants hijacked fire trucks and ambulances. So they drove around, caught bystanders. Some were killed. ''

The militants, he said, tried to seize a prison in Taldykorgan in order to free the prisoners. But they failed to do this. The guards opened fire to kill. & Nbsp;

In addition, the interlocutor said, there was an attempt to seize a military unit in Yelkin. The militants arrived there in ambulances. But there, too, they started shooting at them, and the militants retreated.

“ In Tekeli, local hunters cooperated and blocked the road from the side of Karatalsk and from the side of Karabulak, & ndash; told the former officer. & ndash; They understood that the Taldykorgan militants would almost certainly run, fleeing from the security forces, in their direction in order to flee to the mountains in China. '' policemen.

'The police were nowhere to be seen, hid, & ndash; he said. & ndash; It turns out that the Kazakhs have no special forces. This is an oversight of the government! ''.

But the militants showed coordination and good preparation. They knew where to go.

As you know, on January 2, protests began in the oil-producing city of Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan, which later, despite the fact that economic demands were met, escalated into armed clashes with security officials throughout country. On January 5, the country's President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev introduced a state of emergency until January 19. At the moment, the CSTO peacekeeping contingent has been introduced into the country, the situation, according to the authorities, is stabilizing.


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