Franc Moody – Big Cheese

Franc Moody

Big Cheese

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Stacy Klein

Apr 17, 2021

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Why do we like this?

“Big Cheese” is the definition of slightly chaotic, irresistible funk that’ll make you want to throw your hands up and dance. It’s a vivid, colourful exploration of high-quality warehouse funk, and is the latest single from Franc Moody’s upcoming album, House of FM, due for release on May 19th. It’s an exhilarating, hefty slice of dancefloor-ready disco pie sure to get you on your feet and grooving, whether you have a light-up dancefloor and disco ball or not.

It’s hard to believe the entire album was written and recorded under lockdown in London, given its bold and cheerful feel. According to the collective, “Big Cheese” is:

“Our attempt to soundtrack the human version of a peacock’s strut – bold, colourful confidence. We actually initially imagined the tune being the tongue in cheek soundtrack to the cliched “city slicker”; a pin-striped suit, slick-back hair, overconfident deal maker. But as the tune evolved we realised that this strut is not the domain of the “Big Cheese’s” in the financial world but actually this groove just becomes about an attitude, a confidence to express oneself fully and unashamedly.”

Franc Moody developed amidst the exclusive warehouse scene in the UK, and have cemented their reputation as a force to be reckoned with through a series of sold-out live shows, their highly acclaimed debut album, Dream in Colour, a unique live stream of an ambitious short film called Live in the Lift which raised over £1000 for Music Venues Trust, their fan-focused Whatsapp groups, and “Franc Zoomy” parties. Their music combines elements of house, nu-disco, rave culture and modern pop to create a sense of joyful escapism and fun; ultimately, Franc Moody are a sign of better days to come.

Stacy Klein

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