Franc Moody – Tired of Waiting

Franc Moody

Tired of Waiting

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Stacy Klein

May 20, 2021

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Why do we like this?

What “Tired of Waiting” lacks in lyricism, it more than makes up for in funky bassline and euphoric groove. London-based collective Franc Moody has released a banging new disco-house-inspired single ahead of the release of their highly anticipated new album House of FM, due out June 9th.

The sparse vocal melodies and addition of tasty licks of deep funk and soul add a whole new take on what would otherwise sound like the lovechild between Daft Punk and Jamiroquai, but instead sounds like a completely fresh interpretation of the genres mastered by the old-school, with a little bit of extra spice for good measure.

According to their Bandcamp profile, the duo says of the track:

“Vocally and lyrically the track is pretty sparse, we just sang what came into our heads at the time. The lyric “tired of waiting” seemed to stick, perhaps a subconscious nod to being cooped up during lockdown. All the other elements were the usual pick n mix from the Franc Moody potpourri; hot sauce, synths, skanking, ooh’s (and aah’s) etc. We wanted the tune to sound like a runaway train that never loses momentum…”

And lose momentum it does not. Not for a second. This glitter-doused jam will get you up and moving in no time.

Stacy Klein

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