Frisco – What’s Man Saying Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

What’s man saying? What’s man saying?
I ain’t playing no games
They better start praying, they better start praying
I’m still flirting with death
So what’s man saying? What’s man saying?
And dem man are shaky, swinging and swaying
What’s man saying?
I done told man already, I roll with the elephants
So dem man there better be easy
Flows on top of flows on top of flows
No wonder why these MCs pree me
(Yeah, come on fam)
And then they get pissed off cuh they can’t see me
Big Frisco, I go hard weekly
And to the way how I’m rating that African vibe
Might buy me a dashiki
Kill an MC with bars easy
Fake it till you make it? f**k that
You can’t heal from a scar easy
And you can get scarred easy
Told everybody on my last CD
Had a few battles, I’ve never lost one
I’m a don, I’ve got a hard CV
And that flow’s crazy, anyway
Onto the next one, Swayzee
Told man already, I ain’t playing no games
Only a DJ can play me
Approach with caution for your own safety
We’ve got something that’s locked and loaded
And the mandem ain’t respecting safety
I’m a G in this ting so
What’s man saying? What’s man saying?
If you ain’t playing Frisco
What’s man playing? What’s man playing?
What’s man playing at?
I ain’t the best? I wanna know who’s saying that
Sky an MC into orbit
And when he comes down, I’m gonna keep on spraying that
I’ve got a cup with ice, put ray in that
The streets don’t love you
Forget love for the streets
Cuh when it goes off
The streets ain’t gonna comfort and hug you
Everybody knows what I’m on when I come through
Weed, girls, vibes
Jump on the stage and I merk guys
These MCs need to learn style
What’s man saying?
These likkle man need to earn stripes
Likkle bad breed, 10 or 11 years old
When I started to learn crime
Hit the road and earnt mine
Then I got nicked for the first time
(Mad ting)
From there, I hated the feds
It’s Big Fris and I’m back at my best
Can’t diss me and think everyting’s bless
Come to your studio, jump on your desk
My button’s one that you don’t wanna press
Man’ll get beaten up for less
Squashing up mersh and saying it’s cess
He’s a joke man, what do you expect?
Joke man, move to the left
Yo, what’s man saying? What’s man saying?
What’s man-, what’s man saying?
Dem man ain’t saying nuttin’
Big Fris
Ayy, you know what it is already
It’s not a bag of chatting
Guerrilla mentality, rudeboy

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