General Buzhinsky told how “Ukrainian troops will be destroyed”

No tank armies, the Aerospace Forces will do everything

Washington and Kiev accused Russia of allegedly grouping an armada of tanks on the western borders to attack Ukraine. Vice-President of the Russian International Affairs Council and Chairman of the Center for Political Studies of Russia, Lieutenant General in reserve Evgeny Buzhinsky commented on the accusations against the Russian Federation.

Evgeny Buzhinsky. Photo:

Washington was the first to announce some Russian military groupings on the western borders. In Kiev, at first, they did not see any threats. But then they nevertheless adjusted their opinion. They started talking about Russian military groupings in the Smolensk and Voronezh regions.

President Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Foreign Ministry Collegium on November 18, did not calm anyone down. On the contrary, he offered, either as a joke or seriously, to continue supporting the Western “ partners '' in good shape.

As he said on the talk show “ 60 minutes '' Lieutenant General Yevgeny Buzhinsky, the war against Russia is “ already underway. '' Yes, hot there is no war yet, but there is a war of information, economic, trade, sanctions. The number of cyberattacks on Russian systems is in the thousands.

Speaking about the military groupings on our western borders, Buzhinsky said that “ against the background of all this hysteria, one must be a very short-sighted politician so as not to keep a certain grouping on the lines from which the threat emanates. '' He expressed confidence that a sufficient grouping of forces has been created.

“ As for the tanks that Kiev will take, I think that there will be no new territories. As Syria, we have demonstrated that we are good students, we have learned the American lessons. Therefore, I think the destruction of the Ukrainian armed forces will be carried out by the forces of our Aerospace Forces. '' fleet due to the lack of large warships, “ will be sunk by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet. ''

“ There are no problems at all. Therefore, I personally do not foresee any tanks, any seizures of territory. The destruction of air defense systems, aviation at airfields – that's all. And Ukraine will remain with its Azov battalion (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation. – & nbsp; MK ') or the Azov regiment, I don't know with whom it will stay,' said Evgeny Buzhinsky.


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