glitter party – swimming in red

glitter party

swimming in red

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Jami Selikow

Oct 19, 2022

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Small Forward,
Good Morning,
Dr. Dog


indie rock
dr. dog
Good Morning

Why do we like this?

I normally shy away from music with even the slightest retro feel to it. With “swimming in red,” glitter party seems to have found the perfect sweet spot, redeeming retro music worldwide. A big responsibility now rests on the artist’s shoulders, a feat they did not know they were getting involved in until this very post. Now, don thy cape, and let’s show Indie Shuffle users that retro music within the modern indie world has its place.

“swimming in red” is a love song that cozily squeezes in, shoulder to shoulder, with the indie rock songs of 2022. If you’re enjoying it, be sure to find glitter party on Spotify.

Jami Selikow

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