How can a pensioner and a disabled person get medicines at a 50% discount?

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According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 890 (as amended on February 14, 2002), pensioners receiving a minimum old-age pension (10 & nbsp; 882 rubles per day) can purchase medicines at a 50% discount. on average in the Russian Federation in 2022), disability or on the occasion of the loss of a breadwinner, as well as working disabled people of groups II and III who are registered with the employment service, and other beneficiaries – veterans, Chernobyl victims, etc. What should I do if my prescription is denied?

“The organization of the provision of medicines to citizens eligible for social assistance, refers to the powers of state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” explains lawyer Dementy Podolsky. –

According to the orders of the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, such prescriptions for preferential medicines are most often issued by attending physicians, i.е. district therapists, surgeons, etc.

Unfortunately, very often beneficiaries are faced with the fact that they are unreasonably denied the prescription of the medicines they are entitled to. How to protect your rights?

Firstly, in no case should you quarrel with the doctor himself and do not try to “negotiate” with him, this will only aggravate the situation.

Secondly, you must be sure that this drug is prescribed in your medical card in your prescriptions.

Thirdly, we begin to complain. But we immediately dismiss such a method as telephone and personal communication – only written statements. If you hand over personally to an official, then ask him or his secretary to sign on your copy of the application. If this is denied to you, then go to the nearest post office and send it by registered mail. To begin with, you can complain to the head physician of the medical institution in which you were denied. The next instance – this is the prosecutor of the municipality in which the medical institution is located. And, of course, you can seek the truth in court, where you will ask to oblige you to write out a preferential prescription. By the way, at your request, the prosecutor can go to court with such a statement. But usually medical institutions “surrender” already after the first complaint to the chief doctor».


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