“I’m going to hell.” In the game “Truth or Dare”, the grandson confessed to the murder of his grandmother

In the UK, a young man confessed to killing his grandmother while playing Truth or Dare with friends. The police believed that she died in an accident & mdash; fire in her house.

Mary Gregory 94, died in a fire in her own home three years ago. The incident occurred in her private home in the coastal town of Heysham, Lancashire. It was considered an accident.

So that the grandmother does not suffer

The police believed that the fire was due to a dropped cigarette, and the old woman was poisoned by carbon monoxide. Mary Gregory was discovered under a table in the early morning of May 28, 2018. She died in hospital four days later.

However, the investigation was reopened after other facts of the incident were reported to police.

Her 21-year-old grandson Tiernan Darnton during a game of Truth or Dare. told two friends that he “ may have killed someone. ''

He told the couple, “I have a secret that I haven’t told anyone. I may have killed someone. ''

He was asked to say more. The young man admitted that he set fire to the house because he did not want his grandmother to suffer from a progressive illness (dementia), according to Sky News.

Friends did not believe him, then Darnton explained that he used a lighter. to set fire to the curtain in the house.

Wanted to impress

A college student was arrested.

“I wanted to impress my & bdquo; nervous & ldquo; friends in the game & bdquo; truth or dare & ldquo; and felt that I had to say something believable ', & mdash; gives details of the British TV channel.

Investigators have collected overwhelming evidence of premeditated murder. At that time Darnton was not yet 18 years old.

94-year-old Mary Gregory died in hospital four days after the fire. Photo: Facebook/Screenshot

Before the fire, the Briton set a table in front of the doors to prevent the pensioner from opening them, disconnected the telephone cable and dismantled the smoke alarm in case Mrs. Gregory tried to escape.

Evidence presented to the jury also included drawings from home Darnton's address. On them was the floor plan of Mrs. Gregory's house. They included notes like “ good cover '', “ quick exit '', as well as references to the need for a “ good alibi. ''

Tormented by obsessive thoughts

A check of his cell phone and laptop revealed that Internet searches included such phrases as “ I am a killer, '' “ I am a monster, and I go to hell, '' “ I want to do evil. ''

his defense, the guy claimed that his searches on Google were related to his interest in murderers and true crimes.

Darnton's teacher, testifying in his defense, said during the trial that Darnton, whom he trained on home, suffered from depression for a number of years and “ had obsessive thoughts that were very, very disturbing. ''

Detective Zoe Russo stated, “ Darnton regularly visited Mrs. Gregory's house, took advantage of Mrs. Gregory's kindness, and carefully planned the murder. ''

The grandson was convicted of the willful murder of his step-grandmother. Before the unanimous verdict was announced, Darnton briefly closed his eyes and his stepfather ran out of the courtroom while the other family members burst into tears …

What is the Truth or Dare game? ;

The game is popular among young people at parties. With the help of an empty bottle, determine the player to whom the move has reached. He is given a choice: to truthfully answer the question that will be asked to him, or to perform some task (action).

First, the company decides who the game starts with. The first is asked, “Truth or Dare?” If the player answers: “ True '', then he will have to truthfully answer the question that will be asked to him.

Who else has accidentally confessed

This is not the first time that the killers confessed by accident in the crime.

78-year-old American millionaire Robert Durst accidentally confessed to the murders on the set of a TV show. He forgot to mute the microphone in his lapel pin.

“ Well, that's all. You got caught. What have I done? Killed them all & raquo ;, & mdash; he said these words out loud alone with himself when he went to the toilet while filming.

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