In Romania, will begin to fine for wearing cloth masks

Plot The spread of a new strain of coronavirus “omicron”

Starting January 8, Romania will begin to fine for wearing a textile protective mask, since, according to experts, it does not save from the spread of coronavirus infection, RIA Novosti reports.

The authorities of the country concerned about the spread of the omicron strain, which is considered more infectious, so they equated wearing a cloth mask to not wearing it.

“ Experts say the Omicron strain is It spreads very quickly and is highly contagious, in these conditions, wearing a mask is very important to stop the spread of [the virus]. The penalty for wearing an unsuitable mask is equal to the penalty for not wearing it '', & mdash; the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country, Lucian Bode, said on the air of the Romanian TV channel Digi 24. According to media reports, in Romania, the cost of the fine is $ 570.

According to official statistics, more than 1.8 million coronavirus infections have been registered in Romania since the beginning of the pandemic. 1.75 million patients recovered, almost 59 thousand & mdash; died.

Recall that from January 3, France introduced a mask regime for children aged six years and older.


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