Investigative Committee of Belarus accused Poles of crimes against humanity

Minsk claims that it was the Polish border guards who used flash-noise grenades. In Poland, Belarusian special services are accused of provocation

The Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case under Art. 128 of the Criminal Code (a crime against the safety of humanity). As reported by the BelTA agency in its Telegram channel, this is due to the actions of the Polish security forces who tried to prevent the breakthrough of refugees across the state border.

In the message of the Investigative Committee it is said that the investigative-operational group conducted an inspection in the area of ​​the checkpoint Bruzgi in the Grodno region of Belarus. In particular, it was a question of collecting fragments of used flash-noise grenades, as well as grass and soil, on which traces of tear gas remained.

“ A number of expert studies have been assigned to all the seized objects, such as explosive, ballistic, forensic biological, physicochemical and fingerprint. Victims and witnesses are being questioned, video recordings of the use of special means by the Polish side are seized and examined, '', & mdash; declared in Minsk.

Also known as 'brutal' in Belarus described the attempt of the Lithuanian border guards to oust Iraqi citizens from their territory to the area of ​​the city of Smorgon. In particular, the Belarusians accused the Lithuanians of beating people and letting the dogs go.

Another position is held in Poland. Thus, the Sokolka district prosecutor's office (this Polish city is located about 15 km from the border) has launched an investigation into the attack of refugees on police officers and border guards. In particular, we are talking about an incident when migrants started throwing stones at Poles. At the same time, the chief commandant of the police, Yaroslav Shimchik, suggested that among the attackers there were officers of the Belarusian services who were throwing flash-noise grenades.

Poland and Western countries accused Belarus of aggravating the migration crisis. In their opinion, she organized the transfer of refugees from the Middle East to the EU border and uses them for her own political purposes. Minsk rejects these accusations and emphasizes that migrants act on their own initiative. Subscribe to YouTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel


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