Julien Baker – Favor (Jesu Remix)

Julien Baker

Favor (Jesu Remix)

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Nara Schneider

Sep 06, 2021

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Why do we like this?

Julien Baker’s most recent release, Little Oblivions, marked a significant transition in her music, opting for a full indie-rock band over her characteristic minimalist guitar/piano/violin setup. With a Metacritic score of 84, the record was received with universal acclaim and Baker’s new sound was praised across the board.

Matador, Baker’s record label, released remixes of five different songs from Little Oblivions this September, giving the opportunity for Baker’s music to be pushed further and further into musical variety and experimentation. Jesu’s remix of “Favor” features heavy guitars and dark percussive elements which really accentuate some of the morose lyrics of the song which, in the original version, are presented with more delicacy.

Compared to some of the other remixes, Jesu’s instrumentation doesn’t stray too far from the indie-rock genre yet it definitely adds some unexpected color to the track, counteracting the celestial backing vocals provided by Baker’s Boygenius bandmates: Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. The original and the remix have entirely different listening experiences, highlighting different aspects of Baker’s songwriting. The original version is understated, reflective, and soothing while Jesu’s remix is epic and slightly uncomfortable.

Nara Schneider

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