Kerala Dust – Pulse VI

Kerala Dust

Pulse VI

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Jami Selikow

Sep 20, 2022

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Why do we like this?

As an active fan of Kerala Dust, I was excited to come across their first release since joining new label Play It Again Sam, home to Lykke Li, Anna Of The North, and more.

With a steady beat that serves as solid foundation, the mood and lyrics form the road upon which the story travels. Speaking to the track, Ed Kenny of the band says:

“‘Pulse VI’ is about a couple in a tempestuous kind of love affair, driving on an old German motorway, somewhere on the outskirts of Berlin, where we live. During the pandemic, we would just get in a car and drive around the old East and find all these ruined buildings and walk through them. It’s this mix of nostalgia for the past, coupled with a melancholy for the lengths that we would go to feel anything at all.”

The above is spoken like a true artist — someone who puts in the effort to feel anything at all. The rest of us, go to no lengths at all. We simply press play and ingest the art of those who have traveled said lengths…and in this case, I ingest with utter joy. I hope you do too.

Jami Selikow


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