Kip Nelson – Halcyon Days

Kip Nelson

Halcyon Days

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Rachel Kreb

Nov 12, 2021

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Sleepy Gaucho,
Los Days,
The Quincey


surf rock
bedroom pop

Why do we like this?

If you don’t already know, let me share with you what the word halcyon means because I had to look it up myself. Halcyon refers back to a time in the past that was “idyllically happy and peaceful.” Knowing that definition perhaps makes “Halcyon Days” the most fitting song title because the song carries you away to a calming, joyful and carefree dream. There’s room for escapism and surrealism in this halcyon space Kip has created with this song.

Kip Nelson uses old microphones and cassette tapes to add a unique texture to his work. I love the almost-60’s-sounding groovy guitar, surf rock, and desert feel. The song sounds wavy and oscillating. It’s a song that soothes and calms me yet is also dark, hopeless, and intriguing enough to listen to on repeat.

Rachel Kreb

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