Let’s open a school. “AiF. Kind Heart” will help parents of children with cystic fibrosis

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Almost a year of work of its program “ Route of Help '' the fund noted with an extension: thanks to the grant received from the charity fund “ Absolute-help '' new employees came to the project and a separate direction was opened – & ndash; cystic fibrosis.

Our wards with this complex incurable disease have received constant comprehensive support from the foundation. & Nbsp;

And in the spring of 2022, an online school will open for parents of children with cystic fibrosis. Foundation experts will work with the wards for three months. Among them are pulmonologists and leaders of regional patient communities. We will pay special attention to legal assistance in obtaining medicines and medical equipment from the state, as well as the prevention of emotional burnout of patients and their families, psychological support and support for adolescents.

By the opening of the school of cystic fibrosis, the foundation will finish setting up the most modern CRM system , with which the management of all projects will be easier, work will become more efficient, and the costs will be lower. A kind heart, smart head and new technologies & ndash; here is the correct route for this fall.

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Charitable Foundation “AiF. Kind Heart ”since 2005 has been helping children and adults with various diseases. You can help those who need support sign up for a regular monthly donation of 30, 100 or more rubles.

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