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Lindsey Bitson


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Jami Selikow

Jul 09, 2021

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female vocalist
indie rock
Alice Phoebe Lou

Why do we like this?

As the second single off of Lindsey Bitson’s first EP, Bathing in Yesterday’s Fires, “Wash” is a vocally sultry and instrumentally psychedelic exploration of sound and of the human experience.

Written as a reflection on the nature of addiction, it still feels relatable to all: looking to be safe and to feel happy. It’s interesting: we all seek happiness, each and every one of us, in everything that we do. Some of us find routes towards that sought-after contentment fraught with thorns and obstacles, and others somehow strike luck and hop on a fluffy cloud upon which to float there.

Those that land there covered in thorns have thick skin, those on the clouds are a little more precious, but either way, that we arrive and can be together, in happiness, is beautiful and special.

Wherever you are on your journey to happiness, I hope you’re on your way, I hope you get there soon, and I hope that adding “Wash” to your soundtrack along the way makes it that much more bearable. With its gorgeous composition and faultless performance, I have no doubt it will.

With love,
Jami & Lindsey Bitson ♡

Jami Selikow

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