Lithuania announced its readiness to open fire on “green men”

Thousands of migrants gathered at the western borders of Belarus

Deputy Foreign Minister of Lithuania Mantam Adomenas said that the border guards of the republic are ready to open fire on the so-called “green men” on the borders with Belarus … He made the corresponding statement on the air of the radio station “Echo Moskvy”.


The diplomat noted that at present hundreds of illegal immigrants from the Middle East have accumulated at the border. According to Adomenas, border guards use weapons only in the event of attacks and a real threat to the life of servicemen.

At the same time, when asked whether the security forces are ready to open fire to kill, the interlocutor of Echo replied: “If they will people with weapons, some “little green men” – yes, of course, break through. ”

The Deputy Minister noted that the migrants themselves are not aggressive, many of them realized that they would not be able to get into the European Union. However, according to him, when trying to turn around, they face the aggression of the Belarusian border guards and special services.

Currently, several thousand migrants from the Middle East have gathered at the Belarusian-Polish border and are trying to penetrate the European Union.

Illegals set up campgrounds along the fences and periodically storm the border. Poland urgently transferred thousands of troops to the border.

Also, the authorities of Poland and Lithuania introduced a state of emergency on the borders with Belarus.

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