Lithuanians were amazed by the budget spending on Svetlana Tikhanovskaya: 400,000 euros

A local deputy unveiled the costs of supporting the leader of the Belarusian opposition

Lithuania has calculated the costs of supporting ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. The numbers surprised: it turns out that the country spends 400 thousand euros a year on the oppositionist! This information was published by the Lithuanian deputy Remigijus emaitaitis. But he was especially outraged that the Belarusian guest during the entire stay in Lithuania did not bother to learn at least a couple of words in Lithuanian, such as “hello” and “goodbye”.


– It's just a shame for our country. She lives with us for a year, eats for our money, we pay for her protection, and this lady is not even able to say something like “Good evening, Lithuania! I am grateful for everything you do for me and my people. ” But people who apply for a residence permit must prove that they know the Lithuanian language. Nothing of the kind! – wrote emaitaitis on his Facebook. So he commented on the interview that Tikhanovskaya gave to the Lithuanian channel LRT.

“Dear Elena Sergeevna” was the title of the popular “perestroika” film by Eldar Ryazanov. By analogy, the gripping thriller that the inhabitants of Lithuania are forced to watch now could be called Dear Svetlana Georgievna. But if the film was about eternal values, then the current plot is about purely material ones. Svetlana Georgievna is dear in the literal sense of the word. Very expensive.

400 thousand euros per year is, for a minute, more than 33 thousand euros per month. In prosperous Germany, an adult refugee receives an allowance of 300-400 euros per month. For each child 6-13 years old, they pay an additional 242 euros (from 14 years old a little more, up to 6 a little less). Plus, social housing rent of 500-600 euros and medical insurance are compensated.

Lithuania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. About 30% of its inhabitants live below the poverty line. 30% of its budget comes from an annual loan from the World Bank. And at the same time, such expenses are for the maintenance of just one political refugee.

Lithuanians are perplexed: what Tikhanovskaya can spend such money on? Rental housing, food, clothing, medicines, medical care. Can it all cost so much? What kind of housing do you need to rent, what to eat and what to drink in order to spend such amounts?

Social network users indicated the likely items of expenses, in addition to the traditional ones: security, car rental, press conferences and foreign trips, as well as translation services, stylists, speechwriters, image makers, advisors, etc. etc. After all, Tikhanovskaya in politics is a baby, she must literally be led by the hand and constantly prompted what to say, how to move, how and with whom to greet. That is, these amounts are not so much spending on Tikhanovskaya personally as on the Tikhanovskaya project.

It is also noteworthy that all these expenses were incurred not by the real curators of the project, who are based in Washington and Warsaw, but by the Lithuanian authorities, who work for them, so to speak, on “subcontracting”. In the West, they know how to count money. Buns and cookies are appropriate only at the stage of the Maidan, and then – all “on their own”, the limitrophes must perform their functions in a self-financing mode.


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