LPR veteran commented on the supply of ammunition to Ukraine from the USA: they are preparing an operation

“Arsenals are being accumulated”

The US has delivered another 80 tons of ammunition to Ukraine. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba appreciated the gesture from the United States and called it a “signal” for Russia. Veteran of the People's Militia of the LPR Andrey Marochko expressed his opinion to MK on why America needs such “charity”.

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As the US Embassy in Kiev reported on Twitter, “Ukraine received approximately 80 tons of ammunition from the United States.” “ This was the fourth delivery of $ 60 million in additional security assistance that President Biden made available to Ukraine in August, demonstrating America's support for a stable, democratic and free Ukraine, '' it said.

– You can look at the supply of ammunition from the United States to Ukraine from different angles. The United States is already openly showing its interest in aggravating the conflict in Donbass and in the instability of the situation in southeastern Ukraine. Washington has its own political goals. The Americans are pumping up arms and ammunition to one of the conflicting sides, which undoubtedly gives reason for this side to feel more confident and undertake any provocations on the line of contact. This is not the first or second delivery, but the fourth, as we all know. There is an accumulation of arsenals, which is quite normal practice when preparing for any operations. First, a stock of food, medical kits, ammunition is created, and when everything is ready, some provocations are undertaken.

– I can say with confidence that the People's Militia does not experience a shortage of either weapons or ammunition. We have a sufficient number of forces and means to resist local clashes initiated by the armed formations of Ukraine. But in the event that they launch a massive attack along the entire line of contact with the use of the latest technologies, as well as with the use of NATO forces, then we will have a hard time. And you can't do without the help of the Russian Federation. & Nbsp;

– These include unmanned aerial vehicles. At the height they are neither heard nor seen. They can drop ammunition that does not emit the characteristic sound of a shot. Indeed, on the line of contact, all residents are some kind of experts and can determine what ammunition is being used by the armed formations of Ukraine. But there are new low-noise types of ammunition, and they are really very dangerous. These are drones, as I said, rocket ammunition for 60 caliber mortars. There are still some types of weapons that are difficult to hear when applied and to determine where the projectile is flying. The peculiarity of mortar ammunition is that literally a few seconds pass from the moment the projectile exits to the rupture. A person simply does not have time to hide or orient himself. In other words, the shot itself can be heard, but there is not enough time to be saved. Now in Ukraine, anti-tank strike missiles are being developed, which spend very little time from exit to explosion. & Nbsp; There are devices for silent shooting, which & nbsp; often began to be used on the line of contact.

– First of all, & nbsp; they supply Ukraine with ammunition for NATO-style weapons, since Soviet reserves are already running out. We all know that a large number of American weapons have already been delivered, for which ammunition is needed. For example, ammunition for a 60 caliber mortar. They are just among the dangerous ones. I think a lot has not yet been announced, but I fully admit that the Americans are bringing devices for drones.

Until recently, they used handicraft ammunition to drop from drones. I think the United States could now supply industrial devices as well. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that such dangerous supplies are now going to Ukraine.

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