Medvedev said that Zelensky “does not need any peace treaty”

According to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, achieving peace will be the “end” for Zelensky, so he will drag out this process, asking the West for weapons, “sending hired killers” to Russian journalists, spreading “fakes”

Dmitry Medvedev

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not need a peace treaty with Russia, because peace will be the end for him, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, believes. He wrote about this in Telegram.

According to Medvedev, if the peace treaty is signed, Zelensky will face two scenarios: either die at the hands of the “Nazis”; for “collusion with Muscovites”, or to leave the post under pressure from competitors.

To prevent this from happening, the Ukrainian president, Medvedev believes, will continue to ask the West for weapons, “imitate concern for Ukrainians, periodically exposing them as human shields in front of Bandera”, “send assassins” to journalists, spread “fake” about the Russian military operation, as well as continue to record public crimes.

“Zelensky has no other way to stay in office. Unless, of course, the position itself remains, — concluded the deputy chairman of the Security Council.

Negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations have been going on since the end of February, but so far they have not led to the signing of any document. Zelensky argued that the peace treaty could consist of two documents: one— concerning the security guarantees of Ukraine, the second— describing its relationship with Russia. Kyiv also stressed that the signing of an agreement between Russia and Ukraine is possible only after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

On the eve of Medvedev said that Kyiv is increasingly “unceremoniously sits on the neck” European countries that supply him with weapons. He warned the presidents and prime ministers of France, Germany and Italy and other countries that, in his opinion, “Ukrainian Nazis” would soon appear in their capitals, who would “separate the lambs from the goats.”

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