Merkel asked Putin to influence the “regime in Minsk” because of the refugees

The German government and the Kremlin have published reports of a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. The discussion about the ways out of the crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus continued

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, asked him to “ influence the regime in Minsk. '' As stated in a statement on the website of the German government, the chancellor and the president discussed the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border.

the Russian president to influence the regime in Minsk '', & mdash; said in the report on the telephone conversation.

The Kremlin press service also published a message about this telephone conversation. It took place at the initiative of Merkel.

The Kremlin said that the participants in the conversation examined in detail the situation with refugees on the border of Belarus with the EU countries. “ Concern was expressed about the humanitarian consequences of the migration crisis, '' & mdash; reported the press service of the Kremlin.

Putin proposed “ to establish a discussion of the problems that have arisen in direct contacts of representatives of the countries of the “ EU members with Minsk ''. At the end of the message, it is said that Putin and Merkel “ agreed to continue the conversation on this topic. ''

Earlier, the Kremlin called the statement of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who blamed Russia for what was happening on the border with Belarus, as irresponsible. Moravetsky said that behind the Belarusian authorities is Vladimir Putin, “ who seeks to recreate the Russian Empire. ''

“ We consider it absolutely irresponsible and unacceptable that the Prime Minister of Poland says that Russia is responsible for this situation. This is a completely irresponsible and unacceptable statement '', & mdash; said the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

The Polish authorities have warned that they may completely close the border with Belarus due to the crisis with migrants, which has arisen in recent days. Government spokesman Piotr Müller commented on the information in the Polish media that Warsaw is considering the most radical scenario of combating the penetration of refugees into its territory – & mdash; the closure of the border, a complete cessation of trade and a ban on the movement of people between Poland and Belarus.

Müller said that such an option is indeed being considered. “ Now we are sending information to Minsk through diplomatic and official channels that this option is possible if the Belarusian authorities do not stop the hybrid war on the border. Unfortunately, we have not received any answers on this; & raquo;, & mdash; Müller stated.

On the border of Belarus and Poland, migrants, mostly Kurds, set up a camp and on the night of November 10, two groups of migrants broke through the border. Later, the Polish authorities reported that those who had broken through the border into Poland were detained. The Polish Ministry of Defense noted that if two days ago there was one large group of migrants near the border point of Kuznica at the border of the country, now border guards have to confront small groups of refugees who are trying to cross the border in different places.

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