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Mild Orange

This Kinda Day

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Stacy Klein

Sep 11, 2021

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Why do we like this?

As a perfect teaser for their upcoming album, New Zealand-based dream-pop gurus Mild Orange have released their latest single, “This Kinda Day.”

Sun-soaked and surfy, “This Kinda Day” strikes the perfect balance between thoughtful lyrics and warm musicality. Taking us gently by the hand, the track leads us through soaring peaks and mellow troughs, maintaining a comfortable intimacy throughout the journey. However, as somewhat of an homage to the struggles inherent to mental health difficulties, there’s a subtle buzz of gritty white noise that coats the introduction, almost akin to the brain fog and fuzziness of thought that’s part and parcel of the lived experience.

Frontman Josh Mehrtens has expressed that the track tells the story of a particularly low point he experienced and that lyrically it’s a personal recount of “growth in perspective”. The track is accompanied by an animated video of an orange entity, going about his own little journey of self-discovery alongside disparate scenes. Of the video, Mehrtens says:

“I wanted to show the viewer the perspective of pulling in and out of different headspaces – and figured this could be best done through animation”.

He went on to add that the core of the song is about “mental health and the importance of reaching out”. This is beautifully expressed in the lyrics:

All these things inside of our heads

Are okay, this moment too

Will all pass someday

It’s not like you’re always like this

Remember how it felt moving forward

But for now, this moment too

Will all make sense someday


Stacy Klein

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