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what it's like

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Jami Selikow

Mar 08, 2023

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Alice Phoebe Lou,
Faye Webster,
Arlo Parks


female vocalist
indie rock
Alice Phoebe Lou

Why do we like this?

I’ve started thinking a little differently about art and artists lately. I have arrived at the idea (though I feel I may depart again soon) that art comes from those who wish to leave a mark on the world. I say this with neutrality, rather than the normal reverence that it attracts. This neutrality arrives on the back of the thought that, on the other end of the spectrum, there is beauty too: those who wish to enter and exit this world without a trace.

My thoughts aside, art and artists will most possibly be a forever part of this world. Intriguing it is that they take their life and squeeze it into an art form. Like that of mokina who calls herself a ‘beach bum.’ You can feel the lapping waves and slow sunsets as her calming vocals melt across “what it’s like.”

The song was written and produced in its entirety along with the rest of the upcoming EP, Swirly, on a rainy week in mokina’s studio on the Portuguese coast. The EP was named after her friend’s pet snail, Clark Swirly, who recently passed away. Perhaps Clark Swirly left nothing but a trace of slime that would slowly fade, but now, with help of mokina, this pet snail has been enshrined in song.

Jami Selikow

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