Moskalkova reported dozens of sailors held in Ukraine

According to the Ombudsman, more than 80 crew members of civilian ships are being held in Ukraine. The press service of the Commissioner for Human Rights reported 77 sailors who cannot return home

Tatyana Moskalkova

Dozens of Russian sailors are being held in Ukraine, human rights commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova told reporters, RIA Novosti reports. .

“Today we received two appeals about detained sailors and crews. According to my data, there are more than 80 of them today. Dialogue continues on the release of illegally detained civilian sailors who contacted me,— Moskalkova said.

The press service of the Ombudsman clarified to RBC that there is information about 77 sailors in total, all of them civilians. Crews of eight vessels are held in Ukraine, in addition, three sailors from the Chelsea-4 vessel were included in the list. (the ship itself left the port, so the shipowner— a citizen of Ukraine) and one superintendent— a person appointed by the shipowner to oversee the repair of the ship.

In early April, Moskalkova announced the release of 14 crew members of the Azov Concorde civilian ship, who had been held by the Ukrainian military in the port of Mariupol since February 24.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources

In early May, 11 sailors from the Avangard dry cargo ship were returned home. The ship has been under repair in Izmail, Odessa region since December 1. After the start of the Russian military operation, the crew “was blocked by the port security and Ukrainian border guards and deprived of the opportunity to return to their homeland,” the ombudsman said. According to her, 60 sailors from the Russian ships Omsky-6, Chelsea-4, Volgo-Balt-244, Volgo-Balt-193, Volgo-Balt- 225″, “Rondo”, “Svir”.

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