Onipa – Fire (Ft. Tom Ecell and KOG)


Fire (Ft. Tom Ecell and KOG)

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Stacy Klein

Nov 13, 2021

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Tome Excell,
Electric Jalaba


jazzy beats

Why do we like this?

“Fire” is the first single off Onipa’s fierce debut album, We No Be Machine. Encapsulating a sense of fiery afro-futurism, layered with delicious and intricate Ethno-jazz beats and sensational, energetic dance grooves, “Fire” is an effervescent celebration of the space that the morphic resonance of cultural, world music has managed to carve out for itself within the mainstream media space.

Onipa, translated as ‘human’ in Akan (the ancient language of the Ashanti people of Ghana), brings a message of connection through the joining of forces: from country to county, from generation to generation, from past to future. The band is a collaboration of members of the Zongo Brigade and Nubiyan Twist, both in their own right highly acclaimed musicians and pioneers of their craft.

Self-described as Savannah Bass, Onipa have joined the musical prisms of Africa and Europe to create a sound that while holding tight to its fundamental African rhythmic roots, instrumentation and narratives, brings a new depth and edge in the form of electronic urban soundscapes that is truly unique.

Stacy Klein

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