Patriarch Kirill called Russia “the leader of the free world”

In Russia, there are no acute topics around which “deep contradictions” would unfold, otherwise the existing “normal dissent” does not destroy “the foundations of human life and state existence,” said Patriarch Kirill

Patriarch Kirill

Russia & mdash; a free country, and now there are no “ hot topics '' around which public interests would clash, said Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia in an interview with the general director of the Spas TV channel; Boris Korchevnikov. Its transcript is published on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

& laquo; Russia Today & mdash; truly the leader of the free world. We are free from the most powerful outside influences, we develop in our own way, and God forbid that this path be successful '', & mdash; said the patriarch.

According to him, Russia can serve as an example for others. Although there are many problems in the country, they are solvable, and there are no “ hot topics '' around which “ public interests would clash and deep, irreconcilable contradictions '' unfold, Patriarch Kirill said.

“ I believe that this is the grace of God. And the existing differences of opinion & mdash; normal dissent, not destroying the foundations of human life, state life, spiritual life, & mdash; creates the basis for a creative clash of opinions, as a result of which new ideas and new projects may appear, aimed at the further development of our Fatherland '', & mdash; said Patriarch Kirill.

In his pre-Easter message this year, Patriarch Kirill warned “ all bosses '' from transition to tyranny, clarifying what 'everyone' means '' ecclesiastical and secular authorities, clergy and laity, “ big and small leaders. '' “ The performance of commanding functions, which sometimes require the restriction of the freedom of others, cannot be accompanied by personal pride and exaltation, then power becomes tyranny, '' & mdash; he said.

Patriarch Kirill also noted that the church should avoid participating in political struggle, which becomes a factor dividing the people.

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