Pilot Alexander Railean: sometimes you can only survive without instructions

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He had already lost count of how many times he had watched the movie Only Old Men Go to Battle. But every time his battle-hardened commander's heart responds in a special way to the & nbsp; phrase of the hero of the picture: “ The most difficult thing in & nbsp; our work & nbsp; & ndash; wait & raquo;. & nbsp;

There are no airfields in the Afghan mountains. Any rock can become a landing site. Photo: From personal archive

Afghanistan in & nbsp; lately has densely occupied news feeds. And & nbsp; after all, for & nbsp; many of our compatriots, primarily for & nbsp; people in & nbsp; shoulder straps, this is not just a dot on the & nbsp; globe. This is the chapter of their life, when they had to go beyond the possible, when the words of Suvorov “ die yourself, and & nbsp; help your comrade '' ceased to be just a poster from the & nbsp; tutorial. When, as Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Military Pilot Alexander Railean recalls, the “ spirits '' themselves admitted: “ Russian soldiers can fight in such a way that even enemies admire them. '' About & nbsp; this, about & nbsp; male friendship and & nbsp; about the most reliable technology in the & nbsp; world & nbsp; & ndash; in the & nbsp; story of the hero of that war, which even 30 years later does not let me forget about & nbsp; & nbsp;

'Pray that everyone will return'

“ On all my military missions, and & nbsp; there were more than ten, I & nbsp; went to & nbsp; quality & shy; ve commander. It happened that in & nbsp; subordination were up to & nbsp; 30 crews, & nbsp; & ndash; tells Alexander Raylyan. & nbsp; & ndash; And & nbsp; this is really the most difficult thing in & nbsp; our work & nbsp; & ndash; wait. You pray that everyone will return from the & nbsp; tasks. Yes, in & nbsp; Afghanistan, it was necessary to hold a helicopter on & nbsp; on one wheel, so as not to fall into an abyss, and & nbsp; at night to sit in & nbsp; complete unknown & nbsp; and & nbsp; to leave & nbsp; shelling, making such fortels in the sky & nbsp; you yourself wonder what our legendary Mi-8 is capable of. But risking yourself is easier than waiting for those who were sent to the & nbsp; task to return.

Railean's love for & nbsp; films about & nbsp; World War II & nbsp; & ndash; from & nbsp; childhood. In his small homeland in the Crimean region of the Krasnodar Territory, six military pilots from the & nbsp; famous aviation regiment “ Night Witches '', who fought and & nbsp; died in the & nbsp; sky above the village, where the future Hero of the Soviet Union was born in 1954, are buried. In their rural & nbsp; school, four boys, including Railean himself, decided to become pilots. All four have fulfilled their dream. All four of them had to go through hot spots. And & nbsp; all miraculously survived. & Nbsp;

“ My front-line father could tell a lot about the war, & nbsp; & ndash; says Alexander Maksimovich. & nbsp; & ndash; But Dad was stingy with stories. The only day in & nbsp; year when he remembered the past, & nbsp; & ndash; 9th May. Veterans gathered at our house. We guys were hiding under the & nbsp; table. I wanted to hear about the exploits, but they quickly escorted us out. Father and & nbsp; did not ask me when I & nbsp; for the first time from & nbsp; Afghanistan came home on & nbsp; vacation. He met my star of the hero with restraint: “ They were awarded, then, son. Well sit down. '' He was, of course, proud, like any father. But & nbsp; us and & nbsp; he understood that the star of the hero & nbsp; & ndash; this is the common merit of both & nbsp; subordinates, and & nbsp; commander. And & nbsp; my daddy, who is an example for & nbsp; me. & Nbsp;

Railean was in & nbsp; Afghanistan twice. During those two Afghan business trips & nbsp; Alexander Maksimovich, only one subordinate died & nbsp; & ndash; from & nbsp; direct hit of MANPADS “ Stinger '' into the helicopter. Behind our helicopters 'spirits' then they hunted purposefully, receiving a large cash bonus for the downed car.

Seconds decide everything

The first business trip to & nbsp; Afghanistan fell on & nbsp; 1983. Barely descending from the gangway to & nbsp; Afghan land, Alexander immediately received an order to fly around the “ emteshka '' (Mi-8MT), so that on & nbsp; the next day to go on & nbsp; this machine in & nbsp; its first combat flight. In the Union at that time there were very few such boards, the car was unfamiliar. But this did not prevent Captain Railean from sitting at the helm of the Mi-8MT in the morning as a slave commander. He & nbsp; immediately realized that in the & nbsp; war there is no time for & nbsp; buildup. Sometimes seconds decide everything. And & nbsp; the decisions you make may contradict the instructions: “ According to the documents, the helicopter flies OVER the mountains at night. We had to not only fly in the & nbsp; gorges, but also & nbsp; land there, and & nbsp; take off. Our combat experience has proven that the Mi-8 & nbsp; & ndash; the most reliable car in the & nbsp; world, & nbsp; & ndash; says Alexander Maksimovich. & nbsp; & ndash; You see, the one who follows all the instructions & nbsp; & ndash; good pilot. A & nbsp; best & nbsp; & ndash; who knows that he is violating, and & nbsp; albeit with a risk to & nbsp; life, but, believing in the & nbsp; capabilities of his car and in his ability to pilot, performs the task. If everything goes well, the winner will not be judged, if not & nbsp; & ndash; then he was wrong. This formula was derived by the Hero of the Soviet Union, Merited Test Pilot Vasily Petrovich Koloshenko . These words were written in blood: each pilot, being in the & nbsp; air in & nbsp; combat conditions, makes his own decision, and & nbsp; then it becomes clear whether he is a good pilot or the best.

He calls his crew a family. Only with such coordination is it possible & nbsp; ten times a day to go to the & nbsp; war zone, and & nbsp; then a few more times & nbsp; & ndash; at night. To break into the & nbsp; called & shy; starting point under & nbsp; heavy fire of air defense weapons, which was conducted from the & nbsp; Pakistani side. Under the & nbsp; nose of & nbsp; “ spirits '' land a helicopter to pick up the crew of the downed Mi-24. They then were simply at a loss from & nbsp; such impudence of Rilean. This gave our pilots a few minutes of head start to take off and escape from enemy fire. “ Our helicopter was then perforated in & nbsp; several places, but we reached the & nbsp; base '', & nbsp; & ndash; recalls the pilot. He evacuated hundreds of people & nbsp; & ndash; alive, wounded, lifeless. I remembered the first wounded man who was saved forever: “ It was a paratrooper about one meter ninety in height. Spirits asked it with a burst from the & nbsp; machine. We dragged him into a & nbsp; car under fire. My navigator injected painkillers, then put on an IV and & nbsp; held it in & nbsp; hands & nbsp; for an hour, until we flew. & Nbsp;

“Cool guy!”

Railean was not only one of the & nbsp; best pilots, he was one of the & nbsp; best commanders. On the & nbsp; helicopter forums on the & nbsp; Internet, where Afghan survivors share their memories, Rilean's subordinates write about him: “ cool guy. '' The same meaning is stated in the official language when Lieutenant Colonel Railean Alexander Maksimovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Of the & nbsp; 26 pilots awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for Afghanistan, 19 helicopter pilots. Then there was even the expression “ helicopter war '' & nbsp; & ndash; There was nothing to do without a Mi-8 workhorse in & nbsp; Afghanistan.

After Afghanistan, in the & nbsp; 90s, Railean had business trips to & nbsp; Chechnya, Kosovo, Tajikistan, combat missions in & nbsp; African countries. Not every operation can be described. For the fact that he remained alive, having gone through so many hot spots, Alexander Maksimovich never ceases to thank the teachers. And & nbsp; the main of & nbsp; them, under & nbsp; which served, & nbsp; & ndash; Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel General Vitaly Egorovich Pavlov. “ Here the paratroopers have an uncle Vasya & nbsp; & ndash; legendary Vasily Margelov . And & nbsp; Airborne Forces are sometimes called “ Uncle Vasya's Troops. '' And & nbsp; we, helicopter pilots, have Vitaly Pavlov, whom everyone called Batya & raquo;, & nbsp; & ndash; says Railean. & nbsp; & ndash; This is a man of legend, a lump. Without him, & nbsp; our country would not have helicopter aviation as a branch of the military. ''

In the & nbsp; First Chechen, Alexander Maksimovich fought under the command of Pavlov. Like & nbsp; his subordinates, the general slept on a & nbsp; shell bed without a mattress, until he settled his life. “ And how many days have we been looking for & nbsp; Bati rubber boots & shy; 49th size. In & nbsp; Chechnya, as in & nbsp; its time in & nbsp; Afghanistan, footwear specific to the & nbsp; army was required. In the & nbsp; Afghan mountains, they fought in & nbsp; sneakers, and & nbsp; in Chechnya, rubber boots rescued because of the constant mud under & nbsp; feet. & Nbsp;

During the First Chechen War, Colonel-General Pavlov was the Air Force Commander of the Ground Forces, which did not prevent him from lifting the helicopter into the sky. He did it in the & nbsp; most difficult weather conditions, when he realized that only his experience would help to break through the thick clouds and & nbsp; mountains to & nbsp; forward battalions and & nbsp; take out the wounded. Bati died in & nbsp; 2016. We, his pupils, really wanted to perpetuate his memory. Here we have airplanes named in honor of the hero pilots, there are ships and submarines that bear the names of people who glorified the Fatherland. We made sure that the helicopter pilots had their own personal cars. And & nbsp; recently, such a decision was officially adopted. Five cars got names, one of & nbsp; them & nbsp; & ndash; Mi-26 in the & nbsp; Central Military District & nbsp; & ndash; bears the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General Vitaly Pavlov. '' in & nbsp; heaven, & nbsp; & ndash; own squadron. And & nbsp; from there, I'm sure our Dad will help the crew of his car. Somehow it turns out that none of the & nbsp; generations in & nbsp; Russia avoids being scorched by the war. And & nbsp; we have on & nbsp; someone to look back, with & nbsp; someone to take an example & nbsp; & ndash; and & nbsp; in the sky, and & nbsp; on the ground, and & nbsp; under water & raquo ;.

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