Poland allowed the complete closure of the border with Belarus

Warsaw recognizes that ending trade and banning the movement of people between countries is a radical option for resolving the border crisis

The Polish authorities have warned that they may completely close the border with Belarus due to the crisis with migrants, which has arisen in recent days. This was reported to Wirtualna Polska by the official representative of the government Piotr Müller.

The official was asked to comment on the information in the Polish media that Warsaw is considering the most radical scenario of combating the penetration of refugees into its territory & mdash; the closure of the border, a complete cessation of trade and a ban on the movement of people between Poland and Belarus. Müller replied that such an option is indeed being considered.

“ Now we are sending information to Minsk through diplomatic and official channels that this option is possible if the Belarusian authorities do not stop the hybrid war on the border. Unfortunately, we have not received any answers on this; & raquo;, & mdash; stated Müller.

In recent days, the Polish authorities have repeatedly accused the Lukashenka regime of provoking the crisis on the border. In particular, President Andrzej Duda argued that Minsk deliberately directed refugee flows to those areas in the Grodno region where there are no border crossings. This is a large-scale “ hybrid attack '', which is directed not only against Poland, but the entire European Union, the politician noted.

Earlier, the Politico edition reported that the EU is considering imposing sanctions against Belarus situations with illegal migrants. Their main task is called pressure on officials and airlines, including the state-owned Belavia, which help move migrants from the Middle East and Africa to the borders of the European Union.

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