Police opened a deliberate bankruptcy case against Ismailov

A deliberate bankruptcy case was initiated against businessman Telman Ismailov, who was arrested in absentia on charges of murder. This was reported by the press service of the GUMVD for the Moscow region.

It is specified that the case was opened on November 16. As the source noted earlier, Ismailov is a suspect on him. Material damage amounted to more than $ 185 million.

The investigation believes that in September 2012, a loan agreement was concluded between the company controlled by Ismailov and the bank for the above amount. In February 2013, the parties signed a surety agreement, according to which the businessman undertook to answer to the bank in full.

In August of the same year, the suspect decided to hide his property so as not to pay the debt to the bank. He donated two apartments in Moscow to his grandson. In addition, in 2015, he also alienated four land plots and two residential buildings in the Moscow region. Their total cost was 335 million rubles. In March 2017, the merchant was declared bankrupt.

“ Thus, the attacker created conditions that knowingly entail the inability to fully satisfy the creditors' monetary obligations' ', & ndash; noted in the department.

Recall, Ismailov was put on the international wanted list in the case of organizing the murder of two or more persons, as well as illegal arms trafficking. It is known that he was hiding in Montenegro, where he received political asylum. The country refused to extradite the businessman to Russia.

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