Polish PM calls for new sanctions as Russia ‘cope’

Mateusz Morawiecki called for stronger sanctions against Russia. According to him, Moscow is “doing a good job” with the existing ones. Earlier Gazprom refused to supply gas to the country

Mateusz Morawiecki

Russia is coping well with sanctions so far, so Warsaw is trying to develop new sanctions packages. This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a briefing.

“So far, we see that Russia, unfortunately, is coping well with sanctions. In this regard, Poland is trying to organize the process of designing the next sanctions packages,»,— he said.

In addition, he stated that Poland would continue to implement the existing sanctions, even despite the refusal of Gazprom to supply gas to the country.

“It must be recalled that these actions on the Russian side were taken because they tried to blackmail Poland, to force us to pay in rubles. We adhere to the sanctions that are being developed by the EC and the European Council. It follows from this that we will not pay in rubles for Russian gas, — said Morawiecki.

He urged other EU countries not only to refuse to pay for gas in rubles, but also to impose duties on gas and oil from Russia, so that Moscow could not easily get new markets. In addition, he proposed introducing secondary sanctions so that the Russian budget would suffer as many losses as possible.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Increased prices and reorientation of exports. What awaits Russian oil and gas Articles Pro x The Economist The Fed made a historic mistake. Will this lead to a global recession? What its director should prepare for Articles Pro How to detect a recession in the economy by the length of skirts and demand for panties and lipstick Articles Pro Russia has double-digit inflation. What assets can insure against it? Articles Pro Why is it difficult for Russia to sell more in China Articles Pro Financial heroin: why Lehman Brothers failed to save from collapse , USA, Great Britain and a number of other states) for gas in rubles. The scheme began to work from April 1. Nevertheless, already in mid-April, Putin noted that there were failures in paying for Russian oil and gas supplies to unfriendly countries.

Some EU countries reported that they did not intend to pay for gas in rubles, considering this a violation of the terms of the contracts , which in most involve payment in dollars or euros. Poland is among them.

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