Political scientist predicted that most regions of Ukraine will become part of Russia

An exception may be a number of western regions of the country

The head of the military-civilian administration, Kirill Stremousov, announced on June 7 that a referendum on joining Russia would be held on the territory of the Kherson region. Political scientist and head of the analytical department of the International Eurasian Movement Vladimir Kireev believes that during the special operation Russia can annex most of Ukraine.

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In an interview with FederalPress, Kireev explained that the number of regions that can become part of Russia will depend on the situation at the front, the international situation around the conflict, as well as the consensus among the elites regarding Ukraine, which will form in the Russian Federation during the current year. The expert believes that the configuration may differ significantly depending on this.

According to Kireev, in a negative scenario, the situation will worsen, and Russia will not be up to integration, but in a positive combination of circumstances, most Ukrainian territories may join the Russian Federation. The political scientist suggested that several western regions could be an exception, including Transcarpathia, Galicia, Volyn and Bukovina.

The expert believes that the need for this is determined, first of all, by ensuring the security of the Russian Federation, since Ukraine in its current form poses a threat to Russia that can be used by outside forces. The political scientist specified that Ukraine would be used to the detriment of Russian interests, and any forces of political influence would do everything to tear this space away from the contours of Russian security and turn the population against Russia. According to Kireev, reunification with Ukraine is extremely important both from a military and geopolitical point of view.

The political scientist also noted that Russia will be able to effectively apply and introduce new technologies only if there is a significant market for products. According to the expert, this requires the accession of the regions of Ukraine to Russia. Kireev added that the country's entry into the economic associations of the Russian Federation or the annexation of regions to the Russian Federation is a vital necessity to ensure not only the economic security of Russia, but also the restoration of economic chains that have not been lost since the days of the USSR.

In conclusion, Kireev noted that Ukraine has a highly skilled population, which is necessary for the Russian economy. And the country itself, despite political differences, which, according to the political scientist, are superficial, is a culturally heterogeneous territory with the Russian Federation.

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