Political scientists assessed the likelihood of a referendum in the Kherson region

In the near future there will be no new people's republic

In Ukraine, information is being actively disseminated about an allegedly upcoming referendum in the Kherson region, during which residents should speak out about the further expediency of being part of Ukraine. Zelensky’s office adviser Alexei Arestovich, Verkhovna Rada deputy Lyudmila Denisova, and even the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assure that the referendum will be held in Russian-controlled territories from May 1 to 10. Without naming specific dates, British military intelligence also announced this.

The result of the referendum, as they say in Kyiv, will allegedly be the declaration of independence and the creation of the Kherson People's Republic, by analogy with the DPR and LPR. The Ukrainian side threatens to withdraw from the negotiation process if the referendum takes place.

Earlier in Crimea, they expressed their readiness to help the Ukrainian regions in holding a referendum on independence, if appropriate instructions are given. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that they had not heard anything about the preparation of a referendum in Kherson. There have also been no official confirmations from the region itself.

What grounds does the information about the upcoming referendum have and how true it is, experts told MK.

Denis Denisov, Director of the Institute of Peace Initiatives and Conflict Studies: “Kyiv is spreading rumors about a referendum, based on the reality that is developing in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, occupied by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Recalling the logic of the events of 2014 and the emergence of the LPR and DPR, Kyiv had a feeling that a similar scenario is applicable to these territories.

But the very possibility of a referendum in the Kherson region is influenced by many external and internal factors, so now it’s definitely its fate cannot be said. As for the organization itself, it is more than possible to hold it in such a timeframe (from May 1 to May 10, as a number of foreign media -“MK” wrote about). The 2014 referenda in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions showed that nothing is impossible in terms of organization.”

Rostislav Ishchenko, political scientist: “In the near future, there will be no referendum in the Kherson region will. To expect any referenda, it is necessary that the hostilities end, or at least that the territory is fully controlled and local authorities begin to act. Not a single referendum is held in the conditions of hostilities, in which case it will have absolutely no value.

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